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Essie Fall 2014: Dress to Kilt Swatches

Essie Fall 2014 Dress to Kilt Composite Beautygeeks

Essie’s fall 2014 release Dress to Kilt is just around the corner and I’m really just not ready for fall colours yet. (Are you?) My nail-painting pastime is tough! I have to be a season or two ahead of you in terms of colour -- in June, I was already knee-deep in the darker shades of Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love the absolute simplicity of fall shades. But to me, they signal the end of summer. Luckily for the transition this year, Essie is wickedly shiny. Like, wickedly.

essie fall 2014 = shiny stuffs

Essie Take it Outside Fall 2014 BeautyGeeks

above: essie fall 2014 take it outside A beautifully light gray, almost pink-toned taupe that’ll ease you into the fall season. It’s awesomely shiny and awfully sophisticated in two easy coats.

Essie Fall in Line Fall 2014 BeautyGeeks

above: essie fall 2014 fall in line I love a camo-esque green. I do. I can’t help it. Essie calls it an “enigmatic jade” but I just call it a winner. There’s this sort of plasticized finish on all these shades that makes them incredibly shiny. That right there is two coats with no top coat.

Essie Partner in Crime Fall 2014 Beautygeeks

above: essie fall 2014 partner in crime Yes, it’s one of those deep mahogany shades you’ve come to expect from an Essie fall collection but this shiny? What?? I dunno what they’re stuffing into those bottles but I really can’t believe the shine. It’s amazeballz.

Essie The Perfect Cover Up Fall 2014 Beautygeeks

above: essie fall 2014 the perfect cover up Deep evergreen teal with a shot of grey. So bee-ooo-tiful. Again, that’s two coats.

Essie The Perfect Cover Up Matte Fall 2014 Beautygeeks

above: essie fall 2014 the perfect cover up with matte about you top coat Yes? No? What’s your vote?

Essie Style Cartel Fall 2014 Beautygeeks

above: essie fall 2014 style cartel It’s a deep inky, indigo blue jelly that stopped me in my tracks. Again, two coats and look at that über-glossy finish! That’s no top coat. None. Dry time is average but that shine is magnificent.

Essie Dress to Kilt Fall 2014 Beautygeeks

above: essie fall 2014 dress to kilt The namesake of the collection. Is it unique? Nope – if you’ve got either Essie Twin Sweater Set or Essie Fishnet Stockings, you don’t need this one. Is it a one-coat wonder? Nope. Is it pretty and shiny? Yep. Will I keep it? You betcha.

a word about application

As I mentioned, I’m not sure what Essie has been stuffing in these bottles to achieve this level of shine but whatever it is has made the polish a bit thicker and a bit more bloopy for pushing around with that signature skinny, flexible brush. For a polish of this consistency, I’d prefer a wider brush that’s perhaps a touch less flexible. While the control issues aren’t terrible and the polish almost lends itself to being an OCW*, I ended up having to do two coats for each. For best results, I let each coat dry for a good four minutes before recoating. If you polish thick, you can 100% OCW all these shades.

So, you gonna go get some? Huh?

a word about my photographs

Guess what! I don't photoshop! Guess what else! I don't use a lightbox! Guess what else! I have blinds in front my windows and my desk is right in front of my windows! Guess what else! Shiny stuff has reflections.

Essie’s fall 2014 palette Dress to Kilt ($10 CAD each bottle) will be available August 2014 all over the place. If you're looking for more Essie, you can hit If you're looking for the Fall 2014 offering from OPI, it's in this here linky thing. And hey! Thanks for stopping by!

*Essie Style Cartel Comparison Swatch by Reader Request:

Essie Style Cartel vs Lancome Marine Chic

This one's for you, Mayra! From right up close, Lancome is a tiny bit more dusty navy while Essie Style Cartel is a little bit more inky navy. After two coats (which you'll need for proper coverage), Essie comes out a hint more black than Lancome but after two coats, you need to look very carefully in the exact right light to see the difference. 98% similar.

*Essie Chinchilly vs Essie Take it Outside Comparison Swatch by Reader Request:

Essie Chinchilly Take it Outside Comparison Swatch

This one is for you, Lauren! I don't have Master Plan but I do have Chinchilly - hope it helps, lady!

*Essie Dress to Kilt vs Essie Size Matters Comparison Swatch by Reader Request:

Essie Dress to Kilt Essie Size Matters Comparison Swatch

And this one is for you, Karen! So close... Size Matters is a couple shades darker but pretty close indeed!

*OCW = One Coat Wonder

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (waffles for breakfast!) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/