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Formula X Brushed Metallics: Fall 2014

Formula X Brushed Metallics Composite Beautygeeks

Know what? I like Formula X polish from Sephora. Know why? Because it’s good. And also because Formula X keeps pumping out new stuff. What’s new you ask? Well it’s this Formula X Brushed Metallics line for Fall 2014. You're gonna come see, right?

formula x brushed metallics plays with matte

Let’s start with the Formula X Brushed Metallics stuff that doesn’t really float my goat, k? And when I say my goat, I simply mean it’s not for me. But it might be for you and I don’t judge. We like what we like and that’s that. Me? I like big loud colours that holler at me all day long. You might work in an office or you might just like your nails to be a tad more subtle. If subtle is your thing…

Formula X Wonderment Brushed Metallics

formula x wonderment It’s okay to call me a liar because really, this Formula X Brushed Metallics shade does quite appeal to me. Formula X calls it a “matte metallic linen” and while it’s matte and linen, I don’t know that it quite reaches the metallic part. It’s tricky to apply and that’s three coats but it’s kind of beautiful. I do think it would have been easier to make in a regular-finish polish and add the matte top coat after but nobody ever consults me so you’ll just have to deal with the application challenges. Oh – my notes say it dries faster than Liquid Paper. That’s important, right?

Formula X Fate Brushed Metallics

formula x fate I admit I’m a super-slow-motion polisher and to get this pearly-ish vanilla on evenly, I blobbed it. Yep. I blobbed it on in three coats and hoped like hell it would level. It did! Check out the way it just sucks up light – I really dig that about all of these Formula X Brushed Metallics shades. They’re matte. Smooth, light-eating matte.

Formula X Fate Brushed Metallics Sephora

formula x fate bottle So this shot right here is designed to show you the pearly blue in the bottle – it translates to the nail in a rather delicate way and really doesn’t come out to play as much as you think.

Formula X Synapse Brushed Metallics Sephora 2014

formula x synapse You know I’m not a fan of nudes, right? Yeah, my lack of fan-dom holds for matte nudes too. But I know nude does have fans so if you’re a fan, does this Formula X Brushed Metallics matte nude do it for you? Huh?

Formula X Singularity Brushed Metallics Sephora 2014

formula x singularity OCW! I can see the pearly blue much better in this shade of lavender mocha latte once it’s on the nail than I can in Wonderment. This matte effect – so cool!

Formula X Determined Brushed Metallics Sephora 2014

formula x determined Uh… yeah. Let’s just refer to my press release for this one “matte metallic taupe Gray.” Whatchuthinkbout that?

Formula X Destiny Brushed Metallics 2014 Sephora

formula x destiny Know what? This shade isn’t matte. Nope. But it’s not crazy shiny either. I wouldn’t even put it as low on the scale as a satin finish but I will say it has a really beautiful subtle shine that I find vastly appealing. I’d also say it was more pearl than metallic but that’s just me and my semantics.

Formula X Ambitious Brushed Metallics

formula x ambitious Formula X calls this colour Matte Metallic Goldenrod and they freakin’ nailed it. There’s an awesome metallic sorta sheen but it's stuffed into this light-eating matte finish polish. How much do I dig it? SO much! Gimmie that!

Formula X Motivated Brushed Metallics

formula x motivated A Formula X Brushed Metallics OCW!!! I used one single medium coat to get the coverage you see there. The stuff dries faster than you think so you gotta be quick and be sure. You don’t get much time to push and pull this stuff into place. Hmm.. I wonder would would happen if…

Formula X Motivated w Over The Moon Topcoat

formula x motivated + forumula x over the moon topcoat Sometimes my creations don’t work so good. I’m okay with that. Note to self: blue shimmer + orange = bad idea.

Formula X Discovery Brushed Metallics

formula x discovery I’m going to call this shade teal. No, wait – turquoise. No tealquoise! And gorgeous. And metallic matte. And Gimmie that! Also, given my last experiment fail with orange + blue, maybe I should try again…

Formula X Discovery w Over The Moon Topcoat

formula x discovery + over the moon topcoat Yay! I got it right! Yay! Lookit! It’s like a shimmery turquoise-y teal! You can really see how much light the matte coats eat when you compare this top coated Discovery with the picture of the one above, huh?

Formula X Mind Game Brushed Metallics 2014

formula x mind game ooooh… aaahhh…

Formula X Mind Game w Topcoat

formula x mind game + top coat More ooooh… aaaah…

Formula X Spectacle Brushed Metallics Sephora

formula x spectacle Hmm.. matte metallic red. I’m not usually a fan of matte red. I think maybe for Christmas with some sparkly gold dots or something but as a general rule, by itself, it’s not for me. But… you know what’s next, right?

Formula X Spectacle w Over The Moon Topcoat

formula x spectacle + over the moon topcoat Gah! Too much awesome!! But wait – there’s more.

Formula X Prophecy Brushed Metallics Sephora

formula x prophecy Holy matte bright cobalt blue! I don’t really have words to describe exactly how I feel about this most stunning shade of Formula X Brushed Metallics cobalt blue. It’s my favourite of all of the things. In fact, it’s my favourite blue of the year so far. I ain’t never seen nuthin’ like it. It reminds me of velvet -- glowing matte velvet. I’m not even going to put a top coat on it because right out of the bottle, it’s perfection.

Formula X Valor Brushed Metallics Sephora

formula x valor omgomgomg gimmiethatgimmiethatgimmiethat!

Formula X Valor w Over The Moon Topcoat Sephora Brushed Metallics 2014

formula x valor + formula x over the moon top coat So you can see how come I’ll never give up my Formula X Over the Moon topcoat. It’s freakin’ genius.

Here ends the 3-free Formula X Brushed Metallics Collection for fall 2014. They sent me the whole shebang to share with you. The stuff is pretty awesome. Of course, if you’re not a matte-lover, you can obviously top coat and get some fairly gorgeous results – I guess it’ll just depend on your mood.

I will say that when you go to the store and look at the bottles, they show like they would if you slap a shiny top coat on ‘em. But once you get them out and onto the nail, they’re totally matte - 100% brushed metallic matte (except for Destiny) so don’t let the bottles fool you. There’s also another fairly brilliant thing from Formula X called Mind Over Matter which is a matte top coat that you can use freely over whatever you like.

Now, having shown you all the things I had to show you, I’m curious. Anything grab you? Hmm? And seriously, on a scale of 1 to 10, how badly do you want Prophecy?

Formula X The Brushed Metallics ($15 each) will be available beginning August 2014 in store or at If you just can't give up your summer shades yet, I made you this nice lazy link to the Formula X Neons I swatched a bit ago.

*OCW!! = one coat wonder!!

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (these shades remind her a whole bunch of the OPI Suedes – just sayin’) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/