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Scalloped White Mani in CND Shellac Cream Puff (Gelish Accent Nail Optional)

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nail trends scalloped mani by Leeanne Colley

See? My scalloped white mani copied from inspired by pal-o-mine Katherine Flemming, health and beauty at Elle Canada magazine!

the scalloped white mani

scalloped hearts mani by Oksana Fedio_Tips Nail Bar_Katherine Flemming

I've been thinking about Katherine's scalloped white mani since first seeing it several weeks ago, but her Instagram shot (above) sealed the deal. So at my most recent visit to see Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar, I asked Leeanne for a similar paint job, with a berry accent nail.

Scalloped mani_Leeanne Colley at Tips Nail Bar

I think maybe I should have gone all-white, though. I like the accent nail (Gelish soak-off gel in Tahiti Hottie; it's on my toes), but it lacks the crisp contrast of CND Shellac in Cream Puff. Still, this scalloped white mani and accent nail has received many, many "Oh! I love your nails!" compliments, which always makes a day better. It also prompted a conversation in which three out of three people declared the scalloped white mani far superior to a French manicure. (One out of three in that same chat also declared the French manicure completely porn star and therefore off limits to the other two -- friends don't let friends sport porn-star manis.)

So whaddya think of the scalloped white mani? Accent nail or no accent nail? And maybe the ring should be on the finger to the left as well?

Katherine's Instagram mani by Oksana Fedio, Tips Nail Bar.