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Sally Hansen Color Foil 'n' Other Sally Hansen Summer 2014 Limited Editions

Sally Hansen Color Foils

Sally sent me some shiny summer 2014 limited edition Sally Hansen Color Foil and Insta-Dry 'n stuff! Let’s go look! Mebbe you'll see spots?

sally hansen swatch spamalalala

Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome

sally hansen color foil cobalt chrome

Sally Hansen Color Foil Titanium Flush

sally hansen color foil titanium flush

Sally Hansen Color Foil Pink Platinum

sally hansen color foil pink platinum

Sally Hansen Color Foil Minted Metal

sally hansen color foil minted metal

Sally H CopaBanana over In A Haze

sally hansen xtreme wear copa-banana over sally hansen insta-dri matte in a haze

Sally Hansen Coastin By Insta Dri Matte

sally hansen insta-dri matte coastin’ by

Sally Hansen Tidal Rave over Coastin By

sally hansen xtreme wear tidal rave over coastin’ by

Sally Hansen Peach Babe Xtreme Wear

sally hansen xtreme wear peach babe


sally hansen xtreme wear samba over sally hansen insta-dri mattitude in motion

sally hansen words

Nope – got nuthin’ to say except thanks fer stoppin’ by! See ya’ll soon.

Oh - right - this part: In Canada, all this stuff launched this month for a limited time only. It'll be available at your local mass and drug retailers from $3.49 (Xtreme Wear) to $7.95 (Color Foil). Happy shopping everyone! For lots more Sally Hansen offerings, head over to

(And psst... if you're looking for our review of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line, you're totally in the wrong place but if you go here, you'll find it.)

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (them foils last a whole 20 hours but I still love them) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/