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Personalized Coke Labels: Your-Name-Here Soft Drinks Have Arrived

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Humans are so funny -- slap our initials or names on something, and we must have it. C'mon, confess: you've spent quality time in Anthropologie sorting through the alphabet mugs in search of your own initial (or someone else's to give as a gift because you're nice that way). Now Coca-Cola fans in Canada (and the US) can do the same thing with a bottle of pop. Personalized Coke labels is this summer's buy-more-cola campaign from the soft-drink giant. And even if you can't ever find your moniker on personalized merch, there is, absolutely, a Coke bottle with your name on it. Promise.

personalized coke labels: name brand

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Personalized Coke labels on cans and 591 mL bottles have already begun appearing on Coca-Cola shelves across North America. The "Coke" wordmark has been replaced with one of 250 popular names.

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I know what you're thinking: I won't find my name; I never do. Hey, I thought the same thing, and I was right. My friend Jenn won't find her name on a Coca-Cola shelf either, not in its short form, anyway. (Jayden, however, is popular enough to make the pre-printed list. Huh.) But you can make any name happen virtually if you click here, and you can actually get hands on one if you search out a Coke kiosk this summer -- click here for dates and locations.

personalized coke labels_jenn and janine

See? I got one for Jenn, and one for me, too. Couldn't resist. I'm human.

Maybe I'll get one for Cranky Beauty Pants when the Toronto kiosks set up.

Is your name on a Coke label? Find out via or

UPDATE: You can get your name on a Coke bottle in 2015, too, and if you still can't find your name, you can get it online. Coca-Cola has created a site that allows you to buy exactly what you need on an eight-ounce glass Coke bottle -- click here to order your personalized Coke bottle!

Get the details via the Atlantic Business Chronicle here.

And promise me you'll drink your personalized bottle of Coke/Diet Coke/Coke Zero while wearing something from the OPI Coca-Cola collection on your nails, 'k? (See? Now it's a beauty post! *grin*)