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MAC Transformations + MAC Studio Nail Lacquer + Swatches

Mac Transformations 2014 Beautygeeks

It’s true. I’m a transformer. But not the Autobot kind. Just the new MAC Transformations kind of transformer. You know I made you a whack of swatches, right? And guess what! Those unassuming bottles are more than meets the eye.

magical mac transformations

Yes, you may have seen this sort of thing before in the form of CND Effects but you can’t get those anymore. You can get these! Soon. Or maybe even now.

Revlon Black Magic wheel

This is my trusty wheel painted with one coat of my trusty Revlon Top Speed Black Magic 890. S’my all-time favourite black polish cuz it’s a OCW! that dries really fast.

MAC Transformations on Wheel

This is my trusty wheel that’s got 1 coat of Black Magic followed by 1 coat of all of those bottles you see there.

MAC Transformations brush

This is the lovely, lovely brush in my new bottles of MAC Nail Transformations and MAC Studio Nail Lacquer. I like this brush. A lot. It puts polish exactly where I want it, every single time. S’good. S’happy. S'in all the new MAC polishes as of now.

Mac Transformations Highlight Transformer over Black

mac transformations highlight with black undies That’s one coat of the blue pearl MAC Highlight over one coat of Revlon Black Magic. I know, right?

MAC Transformations Green Pearl Transformer over Black_2

mac transformations green pearl with black undies Yes, again, one easy coat of MAC Green Pearl over my super-awesome Revlon black. ShiftyShiftyShifty! Reminds me an awful lot of OPI Green on the Runway but the OPI didn’t need underpants. Still, methinks this is still rather oooooh worthy.

Black Magic for MAC Gold Pearl Transformations

S’my black underwear before I put on my MAC Gold Pearl pants.

MAC Transformations Gold Pearl Transformer over Black

mac transformations Gold Pearl over black Fully dressed, that’s a remarkable transformation, no? And it’s shifty. I love some shifty.

Black Magic for MAC Pink Pearl Transformations

I’m getting ready to put on more pants – this time, it’s gonna be Pink Pearl pants (wow, lobster-hand!)

MAC Transformations Pink Pearl Transformer over Black

mac transformations pink pearl over black One coat of your transformer is all you need. Just one. And lookit. So much outstanding awesomeness I can barely breathe.

I admit, the stuff makes the most remarkable transformations when slapped over black but let’s say you had this newly reformulated shade from the MAC Studio Nail Lacquer line and it was called...

MAC Rebel nail 2014

...mac studio lacquer rebelmac transformations pink pearl over mac studio lacquer rebel undies

MAC Transformations Pink Pearl over MAC Rebel

Or maybe you have this other shade from the new MAC Studio Nail Lacquer line called

MAC Sour Cherry Nail 2014 Beautygeeks

mac studio lacquer sour cherry

MAC Transformations Gold Pearl over MAC Sour Cherry

mac transformations gold pearl over mac studio lacquer sour cherry

When I have to layer stuff, I just stick my hand out and reach for whatever else is on my desk. Right now, it’s a Rimmel Rita Ora collection so that’s what I grabbed.

Rimmel Polish Do Not Disturb Rita Ora

Rimmel Do Not Disturb

MAC Texture Coat over Rimmel Do Not Disturb

mac transformations texturize over rimmel do not disturb I don’t really like this thing. To me it looks like I went to bed with wet nails ’n woke up with this. Meh. Not a fan.mac transformations shadow And then there’s this. Really, MAC? What’s a girl supposed to do with a barely tinted clear polish? Uh, nothing. You know why? Because it’s so so so so sheer, it does nothing except slightly dull your polish. You can see how nothing it is there, right? But at least while you're looking at the nothing polish you can see that nice new brush again!

Mac Transformations Shadow
MAC nail Instant Crush

mac studio instant crush Ooh! Pretty pink! It’s just here so I swatched it. You know how I am – if it comes in the package, you get to see it. I’m a share-er like that. It’s part of the reformulation of the MAC Studio Nail Lacquer line and it’s very lovely.

MAC Nail Quick Million

mac studio quick million over revlon black magic Betcha didn’t think Quick Million could be slapped over black, huh?

MAC Studio Nail Quick Million over black

mac studio quick million over black Well it can and when you do, it’s so great! Yes, it’s been done before by a couple other brands but here it’s got a little more greeny silvery gold shiftyness going on. You like? You don’t like?

MAC Transformations over Dark Purple Rimmel

mac transformations x 4 over rimmel midnight rendezvous And that’s it, my pretties – all the MAC stuff that I dumped out onto my desk a few days ago all right here for you to gaze upon.

Do I like the Transformer bots? You bet. Would I use them? You bet – why wouldn’t I? It’s like you take your polish wardrobe and almost double it with a single bottle that you can conceivably slap over everything. The stuff goes on wicked-easy and if you were wearing it, I’d grab your hands and ask you what you were wearing on your fancy digits so I could go get me some too.

The MAC Nail Transformations collection ($14CAD) is being added to the core collection. It consists of the 4 pearl top coats, the odd Shadow top coat and the Texturize top coat. Everything else I’ve shown you is a reformulation with the addition of that stellar new brush. The Transformations are available now and the rest are available online now at and in stores as of July 10, 2014.
Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she likes transformerbots – the polish kind, the Autobot kind, and the Decepticon kind too) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/