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MAC Simpsons Collection: Sneak Peek

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MAC Simpsons art

The first thing we thought of when we heard news of an upcoming MAC Simpsons collection was Marge's blue hair, amiright? Confess: how many of us envisioned a palette of blue eye shadow? Yellow lipstick? Hah. As the following promo and preview makeup snaps show, MAC always tries to do more than just satisfy expectation. 

mac simpsons makeup collection

MAC Simpsons makeup collection

It's the 25th Anniversary of The Simpsons this year, hence the hook-up with MAC. And see? There is blue eye shadow, and yellow, too. But the image of Marge herself is what ties the collection together -- her likeness is stamped all over it.

The MAC Simpsons makeup will include eye shadow palettes, powder blush, lashes, gloss and nail stickers. I snapped some photos with my Android at a recent media preview. I'm not sure how accurate the shades are -- the room was moodily dim and my camera phone is a bit off when it comes to colour (it has a whimsical red flare in the centre). But you'll get the idea.

MAC Simpsons makeup eye shadow palette

Two MAC Simpsons eye shadow palettes, one blues and purples, one yellow and green. The one at the forefront is Marge's Extra Ingredients.

MAC Simpsons makeup eye shadow palette 2

MAC Simpsons That Trillion Dollar Look eyeshadow palette. Haven't a clue how close this is to the true colour of this eye shadow palette -- it's always hard to recall a hue accurately. We'll find out soon enough...

MAC Simpsons makeup false lashes

The false lashes.

MAC Simpsons makeup blush 1

MAC Simpsons Sideshow You Blush, a peach coral with a satin finish. Again, colour is probably a bit off -- sorry!

MAC Simpsons makeup blush 2

MAC Simpsons Pink Sprinkles Blush, also a satin finish.

MAC Simpsons makeup lip gloss

I think the colour balance of these MAC Simpsons lip gloss shades is almost accurate. Love that there's a bright yellow. Surprised there isn't a transparent blue, but heartily approve of the other three shades. From left: Red BlazerGrand Pumpkin, Nacho Cheese Explosion and Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy.

MAC Simpsons makeup nail stickers

MAC Simpsons nail stickers! These should do well, yes? No?

The MAC Simpsons makeup collection will first go on sale for one day at a pop-up at Comic-Con on Saturday July 26th in San Diego. Totally appropriate.

Simpsons fans not attending Comic-Con will have to wait until August 28th when the collection becomes available on line; or September 4th when it hits counters.

Does anyone know if Marge Simpsons is in her 40s? Is this a 40+ beauty story? Would Marge wear any of this stuff? Has MAC met expectations or surpassed them?