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In this video how-to, St. Tropez pro Sophie Evans shows us how to minimize those lighter lines and patches with self-tanner
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Tan lines: courtesy of Tom Ford

Tan lines: courtesy of Tom Ford

"Oh, can you fix tan lines?" That's a request many, many makeup artists hear this time of year from bridal clients. Not a problem if the artist is good and stocks her kit with appropriate waterproof, transfer-proof makeup. But sometimes the cover-up looks obvious, and even worse -- disaster! --  makeup rubs off on the white dress as well as on guests! So last year I consulted celebrity skin-finishing expert Nichola Joss on how to fix tan lines with self-tanner. And today I've got a how-to video with St. Tropez skin-finishing expert Sophie Evans, who has worked with Zooey Deschanel, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Macpherson.

how to fix tan lines with self-tanner

Carolyn Murphy and Nicholas Hoult for Tom Ford eyewear of course.

Carolyn Murphy and Nicholas Hoult for Tom Ford eyewear of course.

While it's a pain to have to fix tan lines, it's not really that hard to do. The technique skin-finishing pro Sophie Evans demonstrates below requires a foundation brush and a drip-proof tinted self-tanning cream or gel. Oh, and it requires a second pair of hands to reach tricky areas. If you're trying to reduce the appearance of white stretch marks, old scars, or vitiligo (patches of skin that lack pigmentation and thus appear white), Sophie says this approach will work for you, too. You'll just need a concealer brush or lip brush for smaller-detail work, and you might have to repeat the painting step if the areas are really pale.

how to fix tan lines: the recap

1) Exfoliate skin as you would pre- any self-tanning episode.

2) With a makeup brush and drip-proof tinted self-tanner such as St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Lotion ($49.50 at and $42 at, paint the pale skin, taking care not to go outside the lines. Clinique foundation brush ($39 via and $33 at If you're nervous about using a full-strength self-tanner, try a gradual tanner -- just remember that if you need help to apply the colour, you'll need that help every day until you achieve the colour you need to camouflage your tan lines.

How to fix tan lines: you need a foundation brush and tinted self-tan lotion

How to fix tan lines: you need a foundation brush and tinted self-tan lotion

3) Leave the tanning lotion on overnight; shower off in the morning. If you're happy with the results, do an all-over self-tanning application for a really even finish. For this step, try the St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse ($49.50 at and  $42 at which is super easy to apply with the St. Tropez self-tanning mitt ($7.50 at and $6.50 at and leaves a pretty glow you can show off as soon as it's dry.

4) If the tan lines, or vitiligo areas, or stretch marks or old scars are still too pale, Sophie says just fill them in again with St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Lotion and leave overnight. When you've got your best results, moving onto a final, overall perfecting self-tanning session.

Have you ever tried this technique? Would you?

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I know, I keep using the Carolyn Murphy + Nicholas Hoult Tom Ford eyewear campaign images for stories on how to fix tan lines. Can't help it; best tan-line images ever.