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How to Make Eyes Look Larger: Easiest Eye Shadow Technique EVER

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How to make eyes look larger with makeup_makeup by CHANEL artist Julie Cusson

My colleagues laugh at me a lot at events because I'm always weighed down with at least two big bags. My camera is one of the reasons. I like to be prepared to photograph or film if something interesting happens -- i.e. a DIY ombre demo, a fascinating brow guru, or this insanely easy technique to make eyes look larger using just two shades of eye shadow. So the lighting's not perfect, the focus is a bit wonky (note to self: wear the readers when filming, always), the camera work is iffy, and you hear a cel phone go off in the background (*grin*). Yet Chanel artist Julie Cusson's work is easy to grasp, and her advice is fantastic. You'll see.

how to make eyes look larger with 2 shades of eye shadow

Since seeing Chanel makeup pro Julie Cusson in action with the look you'll see below, I haven't stopped marvelling at the simplicity and artistry in her approach. Yeah, I said artistry, and now you're worried, right? Don't be. Here, watch the video and read the re-cap. Then you, too, will posess a measure of Julie Cusson's artistry yourself. Promise.

Now marvel with me: don't you just love the lightness of Julie's brushwork? And could this softly smoky look with the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Eye Shadow palette in Rivoli be any freaking easier? And that last tip about skipping the highlight -- mind. blown.

how to make eyes look larger: the recap

At the top of the video, Julie notes that a smoky eye is tricky for small eyes -- it's a look that tends to make small eyes look smaller. But this is a really pretty option, isn't it? No harsh edges, just a soft, smoky application that extends the length of Bree's eyes. And of course, this isn't only a look for small eyes -- you can use this technique to make eyes look larger no matter what size you're starting with. Obvi.

Chanel Tisse Rivoli eye shadow quad

Here's the recap of Julie's technique to make eyes look larger:

  1. Use a damp eye shadow brush to apply the medium shade in the palette (top left) to the inner two-thirds of the mobile lid. "The damp shadow gives you more control," says Julie.
  2. Stop short of the outer corner -- you want to leave that outer quarter of the lid bare.
  3. With a smaller, dry eye shadow brush, apply the dark shade (bottom right) to the bare bit of lid at the outer corners.
  4. With a clean brush, blend the two shades together in a horizontal movement, extending the shadow just past the edge of the outer corners.
  5. For more drama, use the second brush and the darkest shade again to apply a light stroke of shadow a little less than halfway along the lower lid from the outer corner in. "Stop just before the middle of the eyes."
  6. Leave the inner corners of your eyes alone -- do not dot the lightest shade there. "It'll undo all the work you've just done," says Julie.

One more tip: the best shadows for a wet or dry application are baked, like Chanel Les 4 Ombres, Sephora Collection Baked Eyeshadow, and MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow x 4.

Okay, one more tip: celebrity artist Chase Aston gave me this excellent trick for dampening your brush just enough so you don't soak your eye shadow.

And that's how easy it is to make small eyes look larger. You can do this, right? Right?? Yes, you can, lovelies :-)