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A Starbucks Hack Summer Drink + The Prettiest Summer Mani

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Starbucks hack_Katherine Flemming_cropped

One of my favourite hot-weather drinks used to be a Starbucks iced soy green-tea latte, unsweetened. The Starbucks green tea powder is sweetened already -- it contains sugar -- so the result is still a dessert-esque treat. However, if Google can be trusted, the calorie count is about 300 for a venti. Erk! Instead I now have an iced coffee with milk, unsweetened. But a new drink option has hit my radar, a Starbucks hack summer drink I spotted on Instagram, and it came with a sweet mani I have to try, too.

starbucks hack: less sweet, fewer calories

Starbucks hack_scalloped hearts mani by Melissa Forrest_Tips Nail Bar_Katherine Flemming

The drink in this photo is not a calorie-bomb frappuccino. It's that Starbucks hack summer drink I mentioned, and it's via Katherine Flemming, health and beauty editor at Elle Canada magazine. Here's her suggestion:

"Starbucks hack. Order a blended iced Americano w/ a pump of your fave flav (if needed). Cheaper, lighter, waaaay less sugary than a frapp."

Sold! Well I haven't tried it yet, but boy do I want to. If you try it before I do, report back, please!

a sweet summer mani, zero calories

Katherine's white, scalloped-heart manicure in the Starbucks hack summer drink photo is by Melissa Forrest at Tips Nail Bar. (You may also know her as Canada's Sally Hansen spokesperson; you can find her on Twitter as @manimelissa). I think I need that mani. I don't like hearts much -- sappy. But that mani, I can get behind.

scalloped hearts mani by Oksana Fedio_Tips Nail Bar_Katherine Flemming

Here it is again, also from Katherine's Instagram account, this time from Oksana Fedio, also a Tips Nail Bar team member. Pretty!

What do you think of the Starbucks hack summer drink? And the scalloped-heart mani in white?