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Philosophy Summer Gift Sets: Sweet Treats (AKA Bribery)

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PHILOSOPHY SUMMER_watermelon sorbet recipe by paula jones

One of these days I'ma make sorbet. Rather, I'll send a recipe to my niece Erin. (That strategy worked out very nicely with the birthday-cake popcorn recipe Liza sent me a little while back.) And I know just how I'll do it: with one of the Philosophy Summer Gift Sets I'm about to show you. One of them has sorbet recipes right on the bottles.

philosophy summer gift sets: hooray for sorbet

PHILOSOPHY SUMMER_Philosophy Hooray for Sorbet gift set box

Yep, this is why I'm partly obsessed with sorbet today. Another part of me is obsessed with this Starbucks hack, of course.

PHILOSOPHY SUMMER_Philosophy Hooray for Sorbet gift set_out of box

This Philosophy Hooray for Sorbet gift set includes three sorbet-scented cleansers designed for hair, body and bubble bath. And look: recipes on the bottles.

Busted Image

See? There's Green Apple Sorbet, Mango Sorbet and Pink Melon Sorbet. (Click to enlarge.) If you're hoping someone will make you sorbet, is this not a clever bribe prezzie?

philosophy summer gift sets: girls of summer

PHILOSOPHY SUMMER_philosophy girls of summer gift set

This Philosophy Girls of Summer gift set also contains a trio of dessert-scented shampoo/shower gel/bubble bath selections.

PHILOSOPHY SUMMER_Philosophy Girls of Summer_paradise girl

No recipes, but three scents: Paradise Girl (tropical fruit colada), Cabana Girl (guava coconut) and Beach Girl (orange slush).

PHILOSOPHY SUMMER_Philosophy Girls of Summer_beach girl

A nice summer-bbq or pool-party hostess treat, yes?

Philosophy Girls of Summer gift set_Cabana Girl

The Philosophy Girls of Summer set ($31 at select Hudson's Bay stores) and the Philosophy Hooray for Sorbet set ($31 at select Hudson's Bay stores and Shoppers Drug Mart stores) are limited-editions, available now.

Whatchu having for dessert tonight?

Opening image via, 5 Refreshing Summer Sorbets.