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Chanel Atmosphere, Chanel Orage, Chanel Secret: Fall/Winter 2014

Chanel fall winter 2014

Let’s just look at Chanel Atmosphere, Chanel Orage and Chanel Secret, the Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 nail shades. We don’t even have to talk a lot.

chanel le vernis fall winter 2014

Chanel Atmosphere 629 fw2014

Chanel Atmosphere 629 three coats leaves subtly visible nail lines (VNL) and that’s okay. Mostly I don’t dig the VNL but here, with this shade of purdy, I can let it go. Chanel Atmosphere 629 With a little tilt this way, there’s a little more greeny-gold shimmer Chanel Atmosphere 629 With a little tilt that way, there’s a little more silvery-pink. Pretty. Pretty. Shifty. Shifty. Chanel Secret 625 I don't generally go for these light peach nude-y shades but this one kinda makes my fingers look all sorts of sophisticated so I think I'll keep it. Does it scream Fall/Winter? Uh uh. Do we care if it does or not? Uh uh. Chanel Orage 631 A beautifully gentle crème formula that levels really well and dries to a shiny shine. I’m going to call this shade grey-vy. Ha! For grey + navy. Say it with me one time! Grey-vy! That’s two coats by the way. Chanel Orage 631 Yes, it looks almost black most of the time but every once in a while, it shows grey-vy. Regardless, s’kinda perfect for Fall/Winter, huh? Chanel Atmosphere over Chanel Orage Gah! So much awesome! Gimmie both of that! Chanel Atmosphere over Chanel Orage I made this and you can too. All you need is one coat of Atmosphere over two coats of Orage. You know you wanna. Chanel Le Vernis Fall/Winter 2014 is apparently on counter in the US already. Here in Canada, it's expected somewhere around now-ish. For more Chanel Le Vernis information, head over to And hey, thanks for stopping by! Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (must.have.all.the.duochromes) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/

Chanel Atmosphere 629 fw2014_2
Chanel Atmosphere 629 fw2014_3
Chanel Vernis Secret 625
Chanel Orage 631 fw2014 beautygeeks
Chanel Orage 631 fw2014_2
Chanel Atmosphere 629 w Chanel Orage 631
Chanel Atmosphere 629 w Chanel Orage 631 beautygeeks