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Are Your Brows the Right Proportion for Your Face? Brow Guru Anastasia's Tips.

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Anastasia Soare celebrity brow queen

"Stop being so interesting!" That's what our Liza (LEEZA) Herz says when it's hard to leave a fascinating conversation. And I had to say it to celebrity brow queen Anastasia Soare. Known only as Anastasia, she has so many tips for great brows that I could have recorded her for hours. When I thought we'd finished, she'd say something else and I'd have to ask her to say it again for the camera. Our first short clip is below. Here, Anastasia tells us how to figure out if your brows are the right proportion for your face.

are your brows the right proportion for your face?

"Eyebrows balance the proportion of your face to create harmony," says Hollywood brow guru Anastasia. "The human eyes are coded to recognize that harmony as beautiful." So, are your brows the right proportion for your face? A couple of guidelines:

1) How much hair do you have on your head? According to Anastasia, whose clientele has included Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz, if you have masses of hair, you need fuller brows to balance that. "You cannot have big hair and tiny, skinny eyebrows," she says. "It's not harmonious."

2) How big are your lips? Full brows balance full lips, says Anastasia. Think about it this way: imagine your brows are the base of an inverted triangle, and your lips are the tip. If your lips are fuller than your brows, they'll visually drag the face down. All the weight is at the point of that upside-down triangle, at the lower part of the face. Fuller brows over full lips give the face a visual lift.

Malin Akerman's brows_thin brows vs fuller brows via Photoshop

This before/after image is from a post I did some time ago on Malin Akerman's brows. I photoshopped her thin brows to make them fuller. Now imagine that inverted triangle on each photo. See?

3) In Anastasia's opinion, about the only people who can get away with skinny brows are fine-boned blondes with tiny faces and short hair. If that's not you, start thinking about your invisible triangle...

Here's a quick vid we shot at Murale recently:

What do you think of Anastasia's advice? And are your brows the right proportion for your face?

Don't worry -- you'll see Bahar's brows in another post very soon... thanks Bahar!