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Essence Polish: New Effects & Updates (So Much Fun for So Little)

Essence FW 2014 compilation beautygeeks

Essence polish ranges from $1.99 a bottle (Color & Go shades) to a whopping $2.99 a bottle (Effect shades) and, if you ask this girl, it’s worth way more than that in quality. Yep, I said that. Wanna come see what’s happenin’ with Essence these days?

essence polish magic

Essence Polish Candy Crush

essence polish color & go candy crush Check it out! Matte Essence! The finish on this is sort of satin matte and sort of pitted. I’m not sure I dig it. I think I’d rather add a matte top coat over a shiny polish for an even finish, but regardless, this coral shade is wickedly saturated with colour. That’s two easy coats with no topcoat.

Essence Polish Give Me Nude Baby

essence polish color & go give me nude, baby This ain’t new but it came in my package so I swatched it (I can’t help it – I swatch everything – it’s somewhat of a problem). You’re looking at three easy coats there for a lovely sheer nude. You know I’m no fan of Visible Nail Lines (VNL) but in shades like these, I really can handle ’em.

Essence Polish Blue Jeaned Sugar

Essence Polish Effects Blue-Jeaned Sugar If I was absolutely forced to compare this to another brand, I’d compare it with Zoya Pixie Dust. We’re talking about a finely textured shimmery satin finish sand/pixie dust polish that goes on spectacularly well. And, it’s a OCW!! (but then I zugged a finger so had to do a 2nd coat to level it. You can’t even see the zug on my index finger now - how’s that for level?

Essence Polish Party in a Bottle over Essence Blue Jeaned

essence polish effects party in a bottle jewels So you can see that sparkly green party that’s there in the bottle and now you can also see how that party looks when I slap it over my Blue-Jeans. S’pretty cool. I like it. A lot. The glitter coat feels like a glitter coat so if you’re looking for a smooth finish, use a top coat. I didn’t. I was too lazy.

Essence Polish Laser Beam Polka Dots

essence polish laser beam polka dots Huh. I wonder what I’m supposed to do with this thing… It’s an oddity. The polish (I’ve only done one coat here) has mucho stuff in it and because I’m a nail polisher and not a fisherman, I used it exactly as it came out of the bottle. I don’t fish for glitter bits – fishing annoys me. If you don’t fish, you’re gonna get a crummy distribution of polka dots just like I did. I figured two coats would obscure the black polkas too much so I only did the one. Now that I’m looking at it again, I think maybe it’s totally wearable just as is!

Essence Polish Laser Show Polka Dots over Girls Night Out

essence polish laser beam polka dots over girls night out I thought if I took my new Laser Beam and pointed it at this new F/W 2014 Girls Night Out shade, I could make some magic. Did I succeed?

Essence Polish Girls Night Out

essence polish color & go girls night out This is one of the new shades for F/W 2014 (says so right on the cap). Oooh! I likes! That’s three thin coats with no top coat. Shiny and sparkly, huh? But, F/W? I think not. Don’t care though – after I finish working on this, I’m gonna use it on my toes!

essence brush love

Let’s pause here for a moment so I can talk about the brushes in these here bottles. I don’t know how they can sell this polish for such a low price and yet have such great brushes in there. I just don’t get it. I love the Color & Go brush and I love the Effects brush too.

Essence Polish Brushes

Both brushes are flexible enough to allow for an incredibly even distribution of polish while at the same time, they’re stiff enough to allow me to push the polish around my nail so I can get right up close to the cuticle without messing up my lines. S’genius. Really.

Essence Polish Break Through Color Go

essence polish color & go break through This is an older core shade I whipped out because I wanted to show you…

Essence Polish Party Crasher over Essence Break Through

essence polish effects party crasher jewels There’s nothing wrong with a coat of purple glitter over a coat of purple polish. True story. The finish isn’t smooth so again, if that’s going to make you nuts, slap a top coat over it.

Revlon Black Magic 890

revlon top speed black magic Surprise! It’s a black polish that’s not Essence! I’m not sure if my package was meant to include the new Essence Color & Go Black is Back or if perhaps the samples aren’t yet available but I needed a black so I went to my all-time favourite OCW!! black polish so I could show you…

Essence Polish Glitz and Glam w Revlon blackmagic undies

essence polish effects glitz & glam Ooooh! I know you’re looking at my nails but really, look at the Essence bottle instead. Can you believe that if you use one coat of that over one coat of black undies, you get that kind of pink 'n green awesomeness? You’re gonna go to the store and see that bottle of Glitz & Glam and wonder what you can do with it – now you know.

Essence Effects Baby You're A Firework

essence polish effects baby, you’re a firework And if you use your favourite black base coat and put this here unassuming bottle of pink glittery stuff over it, you make what I made here. Sometimes, I’m pretty sure I’m a genius. That’s a duochrome by the way – it goes from looking like greeny golden glitter to that pinky purple-y glittery business. It’s the bee’s knees and so not unassuming.

essence polish last words 

Ya’ll know I’m not a polish snob, right? If I were, I wouldn’t love my Essence polishes as much as I love my YSL polishes. I love them both the same amount because they both do exactly what they should. They go on brilliantly, level brilliantly, and look smashing. I gave a bunch of Essence Color & Go shades to our hair-reviewer girl K. Vaz last year and a couple weeks ago she used one after she’d unearthed it. She sent me a text that said “Just used an Essence polish from last year. I like their brushes. And the polish was still in great shape too.” You don’t really need more information than that, do you?

Essence Cosmetics are available in Canada at select Shoppers Drug Mart stores and run for $1.99 to $2.99 CAD. They’re 3-free, on trend and excellent quality at a remarkably low sticker price. Also, if you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan. Most of the stuff I showed you here will be available August 2014. In the US, you can find Essence Polish at Ulta, HEB, and Fred Meyer. For more information on all the essence cosmetics offerings, visit

Wait! Wait! There’s also this! I almost forgot!

Essence Glow in the Night top coat

essence glow in the night top coat Pretty freakin’ neat, right? I can't make it glow for more than 2 mintues though. Can you?

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she’s hungry) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/