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Nars Nail: The Great Reformulation of 2014 + Swatches

Nars Compilation

NARS nail polish has made me insanely happy. What have they done? They’ve reformulated some stuff and redesigned some other stuff. Now it’s all being added to the Nars Nail core collection. Wanna see?

nars nail polish redesigned

NARS new imabeautygeek

It looks the same, right? Well it ain’t. It’s the redesign you’ve been hoping for and it’s finally here. Whip off that square rubberized cap, people! Do it with flair! Underneath, you’re going to find that thing you’ve always dreamed of… it’s the round, easy-to-maneuver handle thingy. Finally. And wait – there’s more!

Nars polish new brush

The brush! It’s new too. Yep, very Dior-like and very effective for my particular way of polishing. Am I happy? Yep, as a clam.

nars nail polish reformulated

Nars Trouville copyright beautygeeks

nars nail polish trouville: You’re looking at a reformulated existing shade and my notes for this say “three coats – so freakin’ pretty”. Do you need more information than that? I don’t think so.

Nars Bad Influence 2014 copyright beautygeeks

nars nail polish bad influence: Chocolate milk anyone? Smoky taupe anyone? If yes, you needa go to Holt Renfrew to get it – it’s a HR exclusive but not to worry, while you’re there, you can also get you a bottle of…

Nars Soup Can 2014 copyright beautygeeks

nars nail polish soup can: Yep, another perfect reformulation. And wait for it… OCW!!!! Wheeee!!! Perfect.Poppy.Red. Get some.

nars nail polish the new shades

Nars Zakynthos copyright Beautygeeks

nars nail polish zakynthos: Ooh! A brand new Nars shade! Finally, a nude that I think looks pretty okay on me. That’s 2 easy, breezy coats.

Nars Obscura 2014 copyright Beautygeeks

nars nail polish obscura: This right here is a brand new shade that’s the only one I have exclusive to Holt Renfrew. How much do I love a dusty grey eggplant for fall? More than I love fall.

Nars Fearless 2014

nars nail polish fearless: Fearless is one of my favourite Nars polish shades ever. It’s that deep raspberry shade I have big problems avoiding. Add that new cap, brush, and formula and you know I needa get me some.

Nars Night Out 2014 copyright beautygeeks

nars nail polish night out: What a beautiful ultramarine blue! That’s 2 easy coats and the polish itself is kinda sticky so give it a couple minutes between coats and don’t be stingy with your coverage. On a side note, Shayna – I sniffed it and came up empty for P.Blue 29 770007. Ha!

So there you are, pretties. Lots of stunning NARS polish reformulated just for you. All this stuff ($27 CAD each) will be available August 1, 2014 at, Sephora, the Bay, and as noted, some are exclusive to Holt Renfrew. Happy shopping and I hope you enjoy the new formula, cap, and brush as much as I did!

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (Dear Girl with the Pixie Dust I met while I was working: Hi!) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/