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Models Own Polish: From Paris to Me

Models Own Nail Polish beautygeeks

Head Beautygeek went to Paris and brought me back a Models Own polish present. It’s sumthin’ I’ve never used before and I don’t even know where to get it here in Canada. I know nuthin’ about it except that it looks like this…

perfect presents for the mani-geek

Models Own Polish Coral Reef polish manigeek

Models Own Coral Reef  This is the only one without HyperGel written on the cap but oddly enough, the finish is exactly the same amount of shine as all the others. It’s a solid orange shade of summer and it is good. It's very good.

Models Own Polish Turquoise Gloss imabeautygeek

Models Own Turquoise Gloss It’s a HyperGel. I don’t know what that means because I have no press information but I do know that it’s a super minty shade of green that I’m keeping forever.

Models Own polish Blue Glint HyperGel

Models Own Blue Glint Another HyperGel and so far, I’m astounded at how absolutely fantastical the formulas are on these polishes. Like, astounded.

Models Own Polish Purple Glare HyperGel

Models Own Purple Glare Two coats. All of this goes on in two coats for perfect coverage. When I say perfect, you know that means it glides off the brush and onto the nail going EXACTLY where I want it to go and nowhere else. See those perfect lines at the cuticle? I don’t do cleanup, yo – it goes on

Models Own Polish Sundress Hyper Gel

Models Own Sundress HyperGel If I had to pick a favourite shade, it’d be this one. Hallo beautiful raspberry!

My sister is best. Not only did she bring me presents, but she brought me something I'd never tried and something really freakin’ great. I have no information on where to get it (except Paris: Monoprix, right by the cash desk), no information on how much it costs (it would have been rude to ask), and no information on how long it’s been around for. All I know is that I’m now a fan. Big fan!!! You gonna go Google it now? I can help with that! Go here ’n' visit for a staggering amount of Models Own offerings.

Ed note: Apparently Models Own, a British brand, is available via for $9.50 each.

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (her seester is bestest ever seester) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/