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Clarisonic Pedi + How to Clean It (and Your Clarisonic Cleansing Brush Too)

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For the love of God, please do not ever try this Clarisonic on your face! Now that we've got that out of the way -- you're too smart to do that anyway once you read on -- hands up if you've ever thought to try your Clarisonic cleansing system on your feet. Not with the brush that you use on your face, though, right? In any case, Clarisonic's thought about it, that's for sure. Outfitted with two new brush heads and a foot-specific skin care trio, the Clarisonic Pedi hits stores in Canada next month. And in the little video below, cheery brand co-founder Dr. Robb Akridge tells us how to clean the Clarisonic Pedi as well as the Clarisonic cleansing system brushes for your face. Oh, and germaphobes? He's got you covered, too.

clarisonic pedi sonic foot transformation system

Before we get to Dr. Robb and his tips on how to clean your Clarisonic, let's have a look at the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation System ($230 at Hudson's Bay, Holt Renfrew, Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart).

Clarisonic Pedi kit

The Clarisonic Pedi comes complete with two foot-specific brushes, a Pedi-Boost peel, invigorating Pedi-Buff scrub, and softening Pedi-Balm. And know this: the unit operates at a completely different frequency from the Clarisonic Cleansing System for face and body. No swapping brushes!

Clarisonic Pedi_smoothing disc

This is the Clarisonic Pedi smoothing disc, made of finely textured metal that exfoliates away calluses and dry, rough skin. Try it twice per week on dry feet, followed by a whirl with the Clarisonic Pedi wet/dry buffing brush (see below), an application of Pedi-Boost (see below, below, below) and a layer of soothing Pedi-Balm (below, below).

Clarisonic Pedi_brush

This is the Clarisonic Pedi wet/dry buffing brush, designed for daily use with the Pedi-Buff cleansing scrub (see below). The bristles are extremely firm -- you'll know at first touch they ain't meant for the face, no-never. They'll give heels and the balls of the feet a vigorous buffing without the need for any pressure from you. Apparently you can use this brush on the tops of your feet as well, but I found it too much for anywhere but the soles.

Clarisonic Pedi_pedi-buff sonic foot smoothing treatment_pedi-balm sonic foot softening treatment

The Clarisonic Pedi-Buff is a lactic acid + apricot seed + fruit complex scrub meant for use with the wet/dry buffing brush. The Pedi-Balm conditions with shea butter, honey and apricot oil without leaving a slick finish.

Clarisonic Pedi_Pedi-Boost Sonic Foot Renewal Peel

The Clarisonic Pedi-Boost puts lactic and glycolic acid to work for an extra exfoliation kick twice per week. Clarisonic suggests using this after twice-weekly sessions of the smoothing disc then wet/dry buffing head; finish with the Pedi-Balm.

Clarisonic Pedi_Pedi-Boost Sonic Foot Renewing Peel label

I haven't tried this Pedi-Boost stuff yet -- my feet are pretty smooth naturally. But oddly, it's the Clarisonic Pedi kit component that interests me most! I'll give it a go in the next day or so and update.

how to clean your clarisonic pedi and other clarisonic cleansing brushes too

And here's the always delightful Dr. Robb on how to clean the Clarisonic Pedi wet/dry buffing brush (and Clarisonic cleansing brushes in general) as well as the Clarisonic Pedi smoothing disc. And dear, lovely germaphobes -- he's got a tip for you, too :-)

If you love nothing more than settling in for a good DIY spa day, the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation System is probably calling your name. Can you hear it?

If you're strapped for time, though, the super-fast and super-easy Micro Pedi would be more your style.

Whatcha think? Yes? No? Maybe? How 'bout that awesome bright pink and orange colour combo?

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