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Trust Fund Beauty: a new indie nail brand

Trust Fund Beauty

Oh, you haven’t heard of Trust Fund Beauty? Well, it’s new - like launched five whole months ago kind of new. And, it’s Canadian! Welcome to the swatches, my pretties!

you can wear attitude

Trust Fund Beauty Classy & Trashy

Trust Fund Beauty Classy & Trashy (Celebutant Collection) A lovely pink crème that levels spectacularly to a beautiful glossy shine.

Trust Fund Beauty Spoiled

Trust Fund Beauty Spoiled (Celebutant Collection) Oooh… so much the sparkle… that’s two coats.

Trust Fund Beauty Bridezilla

Trust Fund Beauty Bridezilla (Prenup collection) Hello, streaky lilac frost from 1982.

Trust Fund Beauty What's a Budget

Trust Fund Beauty What’s a Budget (Prenup Collection) A mini! This shade was tricky to apply but with three coats and a little effort, it’s lovely.

Trust Fund Beauty Pretty in Kink

Trust Fund Beauty Pretty in Kink (Scandal Collection) My favourite. It’s got a nice squishy satin jelly-like finish that’s stunning all by itself but if you go like this…

Trust Fund Beauty Pretty in Kink w Butter London Stardust

Trust Fund Beauty Pretty in Kink with Butter London Stardust top coat: Gimmie That.

buncha words about brushes ’n stuff

I found the brush wands in the full-sized bottles rather long for my liking – from handle top to bristle bottom, the handle/wand combo comes in at just under 3”. The handle is just over 1-inch so that's an almost 2-inch wand which translates into less control than I generally like to have. It's doable though - just not preferable.

Trust Fund Beauty Brush

The brushes on the mini bottles were a whole different kind – short, flattened, easy to control, and a touch less flexible. I like the minis – and I don’t usually like minis.

The range of polish finishes is quite impressive - my tiny sample of five shades from the Trust Fund Beauty line included 2 crèmes, a glittery deal, a frost, and a squishy thing. Impressive, no? The brand also makes metallics and holos.

Trust Fund Beauty is "5-free," ethical, and vegan too. What do those things mean? Well, they mean this polish isn’t nearly as toxic as that 15-year-old bottle of polish that’s hiding in the back of your underwear drawer. It also means you pay a little more per bottle to be a little bit safer about what’s on your nails.

So there you have it, friends! A brand new, Canadian indie polish! Oh! Oh! Wait! Our friend Ommorphia has swatches of the Trust Fund Beauty Holographic Collection - you should go see!

For tonnes more info, pricing, shipping, availability, and faq, visit The company is Canadian, but according to the brand's website, the polish is sourced from Denmark and the US.

Photographs and manicures by Karen Falcon (she's going to see a piggy bank about a different kind of trust fund) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/