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5 Tween Makeup Rules for Your Little Girl

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These 5 tween makeup rules were originally part of a (long) post I wrote for 12-year-old E. She'd asked me to help her with her makeup for her eighth-grade graduation. I can't be there after all, so I put this fresh tween makeup how-to together for her instead. In the process, I realized I've got some firm personal guidelines when it comes to makeup looks for young faces. If you can't get her to wait until she's 16 (like I had to), at least you can make sure she looks appropriate for her age. As in, not trashy. Maybe my little set of "rules" will come in handy someday.

5 tween makeup rules for fresh young faces

If there must be makeup at this young age, it should really celebrate all that naturally collagen-laden skin and those bright, alert eyes. Unfortunately for some, breakouts may already be an issue and confidence-slayer. Thankfully it really doesn't take much to minimize blemishes without going overboard, and to redirect attention to big eyes or a pretty smile. These 5 tween makeup rules apply only to application; product choices I leave up to you.

  1. Do leave brows alone. Shaping and filling in at this age will add inappropriate years; Erin's untouched brows are part of the reason this is such a fresh tween makeup look.
  2. Don't get too perfect with tinted moisturizer/foundation and concealer -- on young skin it looks plastic. It's okay if blemishes show a little -- who's going to notice them when those big eyes shine like that?
  3. Do skip sculpting with bronzer. The "unfinished-ness" of faces this age is their very appeal -- like the cutest, puppy-versions of themselves. Adore.
  4. Don't overdo mascara. A little for definition is pretty; a heavy application adds inappropriate years. #notsofresh You can skip eyeliner, too.
  5. Do stick to sheer gloss in pink, watermelon, coral or peach. Shimmer and sparkle is fun and totally age appropriate as long as the shade lets the natural lip show through. Avoid red -- red definitely adds far too many years.

Are you thinking about makeup issues when it comes to a young daughter or niece? Or do you have a makeup-loving tween already? If you have other tips to add to these 5 tween makeup rules, DO put them in the comments below, please! I think these days, mums and aunties need all the advice we can get!