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Summer Skin, Bronzer and Blush by NARS Pro Jane Richardson: Video

how to give yourself sunburned-while-sailing cheeks with NARS
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Summer sunburned cheeks (but not really) on model Niki

Summer sunburned cheeks (but not really) on model Niki

Glowing bronzed skin with sun-reddened cheeks is one of my very favourite makeup looks. It says "I'm fresh off the yacht," or "I played in the sprinkler with the kids all afternoon." The trick is making it look natural. We enlisted NARS international lead makeup artist Jane Richardson to show us her techniques for summer skin, bronzer and blush so we can all look like we've spent the weekend sailing.

summer skin, bronzer and blush

Model Niki (Elite Models) has naturally flushed cheeks, or at least she did when we shot this video tutorial. Really, she pretty much had the fresh-off-the-yacht look already. However, to show us how to get that look with makeup, Jane evened out Niki's complexion before getting down to the business of summer skin, bronzer and blush.

NARS Bronzer in Irrisistiblement, The Multiple in Copacabana and Maldives, and The Matte Multiple in Laos

NARS Bronzer in Irrisistiblement, The Multiple in Copacabana and Maldives, and The Matte Multiple in Laos

Key items for the look in this summer skin, bronzer and blush video are as follows:

  • NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer
  • NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard (yellow) and Honey (pink)
  • NARS Loose Powder
  • NARS Bronzer in Irresistiblement
  • NARS The Multiple in Copacabana
  • NARS The Multiple in Maldives
  • NARS The Matte Multiple in Laos

summer skin, bronzer and bush tips recap

  • When you apply your base, whether it's tinted moisturizer or foundation, be careful not to apply too generously. You want to avoid getting it into your hairline.
  • If you have bluish circles under your eyes, a pinkish concealer (à la Honey) will help colour correct.
  • Avoid putting concealer around the outer area of the eye if you want to avoid emphasizing any fine lines and wrinkles there.
  • If you apply concealer over flushed cheeks to even out the complexion, set with loose powder to prevent it from melting off the warm skin.
  • Set high-coverage areas with loose powder. Apply with a flat powder puff in a press-and-roll motion to work it into the makeup for a velvety finish.
  • Use a clean eye shadow brush to set under-eye concealer with loose powder. Smooth concealer creases with a fingertip first.
  • Perfect for this summer skin, bronzer and blush look, NARS Irresistiblement bronzer has a slight red undertone. According to Jane, François Nars created the shade to mimic a just-left-the-beach glow.
  • After dabbing brush in bronzer, push the bristles against the inner lid of the compact (or against your hand) to push the makeup into the brush before dusting your face.
  • For this look, rather than sculpt with bronzer, apply it to the highest planes of your face: forehead, across the nose and tops of cheeks, a little on the chin.
  • With NARS The Multiple Copacabana, highlight bridge of nose, temples, cheekbones, brow bones -- wherever light typically hits your bone structure.
  • Try NARS The Multiple Maldives dabbed on lids and on lips,
  • Tap NARS The Matte Multiple in Laos on the apples of the cheeks to simulate that sunburned look
Niki_Summer skin bronzer and blush_still

Hope this summer sun, bronzer and blush vid is helpful. The videographer (yeah, it was Staff) is just getting used to a new lens and discovered too late that she needs reading glasses when she films.

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