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OPI Mustang Collection 2014: Swatches to Get Your Motor Running

OPI Mustang Collection 2014

You’ll never guess what I got! Okay, maybe you will. Maybe it’s those swatches of all six shades from the OPI Mustang 2104 Collection – you know, the ones you’ve been waiting for?

opi mustang 2014 = vroom vroom

We’re looking at the 2014 OPI Limited Edition Ford Mustang Collection. It’s not the first time we’ve seen this Ford/OPI collaboration but it’s the first time it’s been the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. To celebrate, there’s a brand new bunch of shades to make your fingernails look really, really fast. Or not fast, just awesome.

OPI Angel with a Leadfoot Mustang 2014

OPI Mustang 2014 OPI Angel with a Leadfoot: Wait, a white? Yes! A white! And it’s an extraordinary white! This is the white to end my love affair with all other whites. The formula on this is absolutely genius. That’s two incredibly easy coats. Did I mention it was fantastic? Did I mention it’s now my Best White Ever? It is. Best.

OPI Queen of the Road Mustang 2014 no top coat

OPI Mustang 2014 OPI Queen of the Road: Oooh. Wait – is that a satiny finish on a deep green-tinged espresso black? I think it is! How lovely! How daring in an automobile colour, OPI!

OPI Queen of the Road Mustang 2014 w top coat

OPI Mustang 2014 Queen of the Road with topcoat: Lookit how it shimmers if you add some top coat. Top coat is one of my very good friends.

OPI Girls Love Ponies Mustang 2014

OPI Mustang 2014 OPI Girls Love Ponies: My press release says “this grown-up hot pink has horsepower to spare”. I admit to knowing nothing about horsepower except that if horsepower was coloured pink, it should be this exact pink. Gimmie That.

OPI Race Red Mustang 2014

OPI Mustang 2014 OPI Race Red: I’m putting it on and I’m thinking to myself “holy crap this colour is awesome”. I mean, look at it! It’s orange but it’s red. It’s like a poppy orange. Except it’s red. No, orange. And it looks really fast! Like a Mustang! Gah! Gorgeousness! Oh, also, it’s a OCW!!! Yep, one generous coat and you’re done.

OPI 50 Years of Style Mustang 2014

OPI Mustang 2014 OPI 50 Years of Style: It’s streaky. I don’t like streaks. But it’s party-time gold too. And shiny. And also not for me. But hey! There’s also this…

OPI The Skys My Limit Mustang 2014

OPI Mustang 2014 OPI The Sky’s My Limit: What can I really say about this beautiful sparkly blue concoction that my 1000 words of photo doesn’t? Only that it takes two easy coats to get exactly what you see there. Stunning, huh? OPI makes some really great stuff. Consistently.

*Of note is this here OPI The Sky's My Limit vs OPI Catch Me in Your Net comparison swatch done by fellow Canadian blog Intense Polish Therapy. These shades look like sisters but not like twins - definitely related!

And there you have it friends – the whole of the OPI Limited Edition Ford Mustang 2014 Collection (CAD $9.95/$53.75 for the 6 piece set at swatched for your viewing pleasure. I should mention that when you see these in the store (as of July 2014), they're gonna have a snazzy Ford Mustang shrink-wrapped top that wasn't yet ready when my samples shipped. It's gonna look like this:

OPI Ford Mustang Collection

For more information, visit

OPI Mustang Collection Swatch

OPI Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds: Oh! Just because I can, here’s a picture of me ’n my bottle of OPI Gone Platinum in 60 Seconds from the 2005 Mustang Collection. You probably can’t tell from the photo but I’m smiling.

BTW, Did you know there's also an OPI Coca-Cola collection (swatched here for you) that's all over the place right now?

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (giddy up!) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/

*OCW!! = one coat wonder