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Chanel Summer 2014: The Other 3 Le Vernis Reflets d'Ete Shades

Chanel Summer 2014

Chanel Summer 2014 swatches? Reflets d’Ete? On April 16th, I showed you two of the five shades of the Chanel Summer 2014 Reflets d’Ete collection. Uh, I might have forgotten I had these other three. Lucky for you I cut my finger so it’s hard to play with acetone. What does that mean for you? It means I’m going through my stuff and looking for things I forgot about. Can you believe I forgot about this? Me neither…

chanel summer 2014 le vernis swatches

Chanel Summer 2014 Tutti Frutti 621

Chanel Summer 2014 Chanel Tutti Frutti 621: There's some shiny golden shimmer in the bottle - canya see it?

Chanel Tutti Frutti 621 Summer 2014

Chanel Tutti Frutti 621: What about now? And yes, it shows up very subtle-like on the nail!

Chanel Summer 2014 Mirabella 623

Chanel Summer 2014 Chanel Mirabella 623: I want a popsicle

Chanel Mirabella 623 Summer 2014

Chanel Mirabella 623: I still want a popsicle.

Chanel Summer 2014 Pink Tonic 619

Chanel Summer 2014 Chanel Pink Tonic 619: Gah! Super awesome pink color polish! (yes, I'm slowly but surely running out of descriptive terminology - it's not that obvious, right?)

Chanel Pink Tonic 619 Summer 2014_1

Chanel Pink Tonic 619: Gimmie That.

And now I’ll show you my notes. No, no I won’t because I didn’t take any notes. If I don’t take notes, that means the stuff is good. That means the stuff is 2 coats to done. I’m not even gonna describe the colours. Why? Well s’cause you’re lookin’ right at ‘em! Pretty, right? Gonna get you some? Or some of the others that I swatched forever ago? They’re nice. Real nice. Here – have another link to our Chanel Eastern Light & Sweet Lilac Reflets d'Ete pictures!

Chanel Summer 2014 Le Vernis ($28 CAD) is available at your usual Chanel places like For lots more Chanel summer info, visit

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she thinks Chanel makes some splendid shades) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/