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easy, addictive sweet-treat fun for your not-so-inner 9-year-old
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birthday cake popcorn -- you need this!

Birthday-cake popcorn! My young niece made this!

Recipes are unusual posts on Beautygeeks, but my Instagram of the birthday cake popcorn my young niece made on the weekend sparked such interest that putting it here seemed like a good idea. Oh yes, you read that right: Birthday-Cake Popcorn. An unexpected thing of beauty. Happy Monday!

birthday-cake popcorn

My 12-year-old niece Erin is an avid baker and cook. Every time I see her, she's got a new recipe she wants to try, either for cookies, or cupcakes, or zucchini french fries, or fried rice, or watermelon shaved ice.... This time it was birthday-cake popcorn.

Birthday Cake Popcorn!

No oven time required for birthday-cake popcorn.

The idea for birthday-cake popcorn came from our Liza Herz, fellow beautygeek and a baking enthusiast. She's heard many tales of Erin's baking experiments, and knows my niece is one of those rarities: she does not like chocolate. Not chocolate with cocoa, anyway -- white chocolate, though = yes, please. So when Liza sent me a link for birthday-cake popcorn, which calls for white chocolate candy, I promptly forwarded it to Erin.

This past weekend was Erin's dad's birthday. She saw it as the perfect opportunity to whip up a surprise batch. The recipe is dead easy and requires no oven time.

birthday-cake popcorn recipe

See? You can put candles in birthday-cake popcorn, natch.

See? You can put candles in birthday-cake popcorn, natch.

1 bag of popcorn, popped
8 ounces of white chocolate candy coating, melted
4 heaping teaspoons of yellow cake mix
Assorted sprinkles

And was it yummy?

Put it this way: It's as juvenile as it sounds, totally fun, and oh-yeah addictive. If you like popcorn and you like birthday cake -- grocery-store sheet-cake -- this is awesome for your not-so-inner 9-year-old.

Photo: Bakergirl at

Photo: Bakergirl at

The original recipe and full instructions are here, on Bakergirl. (Erin -- not a fan of chocolate -- left out Mini M&Ms.)

Make birthday-cake popcorn and package it in little baggies for your kid's next birthday party or bake sale. Or make it because it's Monday again. And let us know how you like it!

For a recipe that's more about healthy skin (and less about making the World Health Organization frown a lot), try this delicious watermelon with grated ricotta salata from Toronto's Lil' Baci Taverna.