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Quo by Orly: Hot Summer Swatches

Quo by Orly hot summer shades

Oooh! Quo by Orly polishes swatches you say? Okay!

quo by orly summertime

Quo by Orly Electrified Summer 2014

Quo by Orly Electrified: Oooh – brightness without a white basecoat! You're looking at that and thinking "that can't possibly be the color." It is. That’s only 2 coats and it’s so close to being a neon that I’m just going to call it a neon.

Top coat. You’re going to need top coat.

Quo by Orly Heatwave Summer 2014

Quo by Orly Heatwave: On the  first coat I was thinking “meh.” Then, on the second coat, magic suddenly appeared. I did three and then I slapped some top coat on there. It’s almost neon, but it isn’t. It’s a sparkly corally orange concoction that makes me smile because it's so summery. Not sure why, but it makes me want a caramel sundae very much.

Quo by Orly Infused Summer 2014

Quo by Orly Infused: And then there's this... Lookit that perfect bright, deep dark grape! Lookit! It dries to a semi-matte finish so you might want to think about…

Quo by Orly Infused w Over The Moon

Quo by Orly Infused with Formula X Over The Moon Top Coat ($15 at Sephora): Gimmie all of that!! Gah! I can't stand how much awesome that is right there!

Quo by Orly is 3-free, dries pretty quickly and wears very well if you protect it like you should. I’m happy to say I’m a fan. I’ve got maybe a dozen shades of Quo because they make brilliant colours that nobody else seems to come close to. Their pigments are solid, they pop collections out fairly regularly, the colours are on trend, and I have a Shoppers just across the street…

Quo by Orly Spring 2014

Quo by Orly Spring 2014 Shades (as usual, clicking the image zooms)

Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart ($10 each), Quo by Orly spring shades are out right now and the summer shades (there are a total of 6 but I've only got 3 to show you) will be rolling out at the beginning of June. If you’re in the US, you might have access to these shades but the names and bottles will look completely different – the rubberized grippy cap though, same. You know what else Orly International makes, right? Think rubberized grippy cap…

Manicures and photographs by Karen Falcon (she just said grippy cap three times really fast) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/