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Angelina Jolie's Makeup Artist on Sculpting Cheekbones: How to Enhance Yours

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Whether Angelina Jolie's makeup artist Toni G was connected to the great white powder incidents of a few weeks back is unclear. Seems unlikely; they've worked together for nearly a decade. Along with a little prosthetic assistance, however, Toni G was responsible for Angelina Jolie's dramatic facial contours in Disney's Maleficent, which opens this Friday. She's also the artist behind the MAC Maleficent collection. In a recent interview she revealed her techniques for sculpting cheekbones.

angelina jolie's makeup artist on sculpting cheekbones

"Maleficent" Costume And Props Private Reception - Red Carpet Arrivals

Well no. Word from Angelina Jolie's makeup artist Toni G is that the actress doesn't really need contouring to sculpt her cheekbones. "They actually kind of just define themselves," she told The New York Times T Magazine blog. But look -- we can take highlight and shadow inspiration from Angelina's almost unreal natural bone structure.

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where to place your highlight: “If you took a pencil from your nose to your upper cheekbone, you would just take that ‘V’ from the corner of your eye to the nose and highlight that whole area under your eye," instructs Toni G, who prefers to do more with highlighting than with contouring.

angelina jolie's makeup artist on sculpting cheekbones_maleficent angelina jolie

where to place your contour: “For the contour, you feel where your cheekbone is, and you kind of go right under that – and don’t take it too far to your mouth. I would keep it, you know, just halfway from your ear to the midpart of your cheekbone. Just don’t take it too far down; then it becomes obvious.”

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how to blend highlight and contour: “If you’re using a cream, you blend it out with your sponge until there’s no hard lines — and then same with the powder, except you would use a brush. From where you put it, blend it up.”

MAC Maleficent

Naturally MAC Cosmetics tapped Toni G's expertise as Angelina Jolie's makeup artist for the Maleficent makeup collection, which includes a Maleficent Sculpting Powder ($27.50 at


If the matte taupe powder isn't right for your skintone, a matte face powder a shade darker than your complexion will work very well. Or try something from the MAC Sculpting Powder Pro Palette ($19.50 at, which comes in five shades.

Perhaps a video tutorial would help. Click here for our how-to on subtle sculpting that creates your best Angelina Jolie-like bone structure.

Angelina Jolie's makeup artist on sculpting cheekbones_Maleficent image

I'm going to see Maleficent with my nieces this weekend. You? And how about this cheekbone sculpting instruction from Angelina Jolie's makeup artist? Will you try her tip on highlighting that V?

Tips from Toni G via The New York Times T Magazine blog.