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Your New Clarisonic and Breakouts: Clarisonic Co-Founder Dr. Robb Answers

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Clarisonic and breakouts_image backstage at thakoon spring summer 2014

Clarisonic cleansing-system fans claim their skin is brighter, smoother and better after regular Clarisonic use. Fancy spas, such as the Waldorf Astoria Spa at The Boulders resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, use it as part of their facial services. So you've finally splurged for your very own unit. And wtf? Effing breakouts?? We caught up with Clarisonic co-founder Dr. Robb Akridge when he was in Toronto recently and asked him: what's the deal on the Clarisonic and breakouts?

your new clarisonic and breakouts

Microbiologist Dr. Robb Akridge, a Clarisonic co-founder, says the Clarisonic and breakouts issue occurs in a small percentage of new Clarisonic users. Here's what he says about clearing up the problem:

clarisonic and breakouts: the recap

If your new Clarisonic is causing breakouts, Dr. Robb has this advice:

1) the Clarisonic stimulates the skin as it cleanses, so it can accelerate eruptions in congested skin when you first start using it

2) reduce your Clarisonic cleansing sessions to twice per week

3) if after a couple of weeks you're still breaking out, switch to a milder cleanser

CLARISONIC cleansing brush

Another thing you might like to keep in mind is that the Clarisonic is not an exfoliation tool. It has mild exfoliation benefits, but does not substitute for a separate exfoliation step. A friend of ours had issues with her Clarisonic and breakouts too; here's what worked for her.

Did you have Clarisonic and breakout issues when you first started using the system? How did you deal with it? Are you experiencing that issue now?

Model image: backstage at Thakoon Spring/Summer 2014; cleansing brush image via Clarisonic.