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Seche Spring 2014: Swatched 4 U, but...

Seche Spring 2014

Seche is a name that’s very familiar to you if you live in the world of nails. They’re the makers of that Seche Vite top coat that everyone raves about. You know they also make regular nail lacquer too, right? Well, they do. Sometimes I like it and sometimes…

seche spring 2014 = hit ’n miss

Seche Effortlessly Styled Spring 2014

seche spring 2014 effortlessly styled: You’re looking at FOUR coats there – yes, four. I don’t like it when I have to do three coats so when I have to do four, forget about it.

Seche Not Easily Swept Away Spring 2014

seche spring 2014 not easily swept away: My notes just say “perfect lilac”. If that’s all they say, then that means you’re looking at a solid bottle of polish right there. Two coats.

Seche Conquer the World Spring 2014

seche spring 2014 conquer the world: That’s two coats and if you look closely, you’ll see there’s a golden shimmer in the bottle that looks pretty but it doesn’t do much once you get the stuff on your nails. Invisible shimmer - you know who else does that? Starts with an E…

Seche Precocious Spring 2014

seche spring 2014 precocious: OCW!!! I adore this shade of cornflowery blue. And that it’s a OCW? Genius!

Seche Uplifting Spring 2014

seche spring 2014 uplifting: OCW!!! I don’t even know how it’s possible to make a OCW in this shade. I’ve never found a similar shade that’s gone on in one coat AND given such brilliant coverage. This formula is astounding. I’m astounded.

Seche Casually Cool Spring 2014

seche spring 2014 casually cool: Then there’s this – the formula is almost chalky. It’s über-tricky to apply, dries slowly, and has that invisible micro shimmer in the bottle but not on the nail.

Seche May Be Modest Seche 2014

seche spring 2014 may be modest: 100% worst of the bunch. I didn’t care for the formula at all. It was hard to work and the level on it was crap. This shade made me angry. I had to eat marshmallow bananas to bring back my happy. True story.

Seche Magnifique Spring 2014

seche spring 2014 magnifique: Check it out! Another OCW!!! That’s a blue-y fuchsia very similar to many of the blue-y-fuchsias out there but this one dries fast and, when I hit it with my top coat, it gives me grabby hands.

seche spring 2014 last words

Seche confuses me. On one hand, they make that top coat that everyone loves, they made three of an eight-shade collection into One Coat Wonders, a couple better than average shades, and three that are too finicky for words.

On the whole, I’d say Seche lacquer is a brand worth checking out. I’ve used every single shade from their 30+ core collection and there are far more hits than misses. Just be sure you do the smart thing and check reviews before you decide to fall in love with any particular shade. Trust me on that.

Seche nail lacquer ($9.99CAD) is available at Loblaw, Rexall/Pharma Plus, Lawtons, and other indie retailers across Canada. Shade names and collections may differ from the US to Canada. For more information about Seche and their lines of nail stuff, visit

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (more marshmallow bananas, please) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/