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The Angelina Jolie White Powder Incident: This Still Happens?

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"The Normal Heart" New York Screening - Arrivals

She's nudged Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria, Drew Barrymore, Ashley Judd, Uma Thurman and Jon Hamm right out of the running for the top spot. Angelina Jolie is now the global poster child for that dreaded white-powder makeup mishap -- we can now forevermore call it The Angelina Jolie White Powder Incident. And we're a bit shocked on this side of the screen. We didn't think this powder-face thing could happen again.

the angelina jolie white powder incident

Angelina Jolie white powder

We covered exactly this kind of celebrity white powder mishap in April of 2011, in this Ashley Judd post here (which includes avoidance tips) and this mystery-solved post here (which includes a why-this-happens video). The white powder face topic is a big one on the Interweb.

"The Normal Heart" New York Screening

I confess, I'd actually missed this the early news of this latest celebrity dust-up (see what I did there?). I only realized a big new white powder thing must have happened again because the 2011 post were suddenly the hottest Beautygeeks items of the day. I put it together when I heard my friend Jill mention something about it this afternoon. (Worth mentioning: underneath the powder, Angelina's makeup is so beautifully simple.)

Angelina Jolie_white powder fail

Makeup mishaps like this Angelina Jolie White Powder incident are usually blamed on featherweight, finely milled silica powder that only shows up when the light from a camera flash bounces off it. It looks well blended to the naked eye, but *snap* and yikes!

Angelina Jolie suffers a white powdered makeup malfunction while attending a screening for HBO's "The Normal Heart" with partner Brad Pitt in NYC.

Maybe we should call this the Angelina Jolie White Powder Incident of 2014. White powder face will probably happen again, although likely not to Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie_white powder legs

Look, Angelina's legs were powdered in this shot on a different day that I really should look up like a good journalist. #later

Like I said at the top of the post, that this white powder thing has happened again is crazy. Angelina Jolie so isn't the first to get caught in a white-powder malfunction. Many other victims have come before her, and sparked a flurry of news items and blog posts and tweets madly discussing how it happened, why it happened, and how to stop it from happening again. (Aside from extra blending, a quick flash photo before the celeb walks out onto the red carpet will prevent future versions of the Angelina Jolie White Powder Incident.)

Nicole Kidman white powder

Nicole Kidman and white powder face.

Eva Longoria white powder

Eva Longoria and white powder face.

Drew Barrymore white powder face

Poor Drew Barrymore. The worst. And seriously, without the flash, you'd never know all that silica powder is there.

Drew Barrymore white powder

This is a closeup of Drew and her white powder face on the same day as the previous image; it looks different here because less light is bouncing off the silica.

Uma Thurman white powder

Staff would like to think Uma Thurman had maybe been surprised in the middle of baking a batch of cookies. *shrug*

Jon Hamm white powder

Jon Hamm, October 2012 -- white powder mishaps happen to male stars, too. Silica powder is ideal for knocking back shine, especially on dudes, who usually prefer to look as they they don't wear makeup. When there's no flash, the powder is invisible on skin. Feels like nothing. Doesn't get cakey. And doesn't look made up. It just needs careful blending so this doesn't happen.

I feel for the makeup artists, actually. When that white powder shows up in flash photographs, they must feel ambushed in some way. And sometimes, a makeup fail isn't the artist's fault. Celebrities themselves occasionally tamper with their makeup, and their artist gets the media blame. Happens to the best of 'em. And you know to do Angelina Jolie's makeup, you've got to be good. So yeah, this kinda sucks.

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