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Conchita Wurst: Eurovision 2014 Winner, Bearded Lady, Drag Queen, YouTube Makeup Diva

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Conchita Wurst_Eurovision 2014 winner_eyes

We'll be seeing a bit more of Conchita Wurst, Eurovision 2014 winner, bearded lady, drag queen and YouTube makeup diva. Hey, that was fun, getting all those key identifiers into one sentence. Do I really have to add Kim Kardashian look-alike?

conchita wurst 2014 eurovision winner

Known as Tom Neuwirth in her down time, Austrian-born Conchita Wurst has been making news of late thanks to her controversial participation in the Eurovision 2014 song competition. Eurovision is an annual European song contest that dates back to 1956. Participating countries submit a song that is performed on stage for TV and on radio. Via a series of votes for and against each other's entries, they select a winner. Conchita Wurst, 25, represented Austria, and was in full drag plus beard each time she took to the stage. She made news last night for winning it with a song called Rise Like a Phoenix.

Denmark Eurovison Song Contest
Conchita Wurst_Eurovision 2014 winner

Just look at that eye makeup. Amazing. Those dramatically lined, heavily-lashed eyes + the insanely glossy red lip Conchita Wurst sports in the vid below were what made our Liza Herz think we should post.

There's no denying Conchita Wurst has her gel eyeliner moves down.

Conchita Wurst_Eurovision 2014_winner
Conchita Wurst Eurovision 2014_winner

 Wonder if she can do eyes like this in the back of a cab?

Here's the Conchita Wurst makeup how-to video on YouTube:

Obviously comparisons between Conchita Wurst and Kim Kardashian abound.

Conchita Wurst_Eurovision 2014 winner_Kim Kardashian photoshopped

This image of early Kim Kardsashian with a beard has been Photoshopped -- not by me.

Conchita Wurst_Eurovision 2014_Tom Neuwirth

Tom Neuwirth without his drag on. #browenvy

Conchita Wurst_Eurovision_2014 winner_Tom Neuwirth

What Tom Neuwirth/Conchita Wurst has achieved and how is pretty crazy, isn't it? The overall concept is bedazzled with camp, but underneath the makeup and gold sequins is the incredible drive and hard work it took to get to this point. Not something a kid would come up with for career day. Well, not until now, thanks to Conchita Wurst's Eurovision 2014 win.

More on Conchita Wurst, Eurovision 2014 winner, at CBCNews. UPDATE: still more background via

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