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Omgre. Omgrey. Omgray. Anyway, New Beauty Term. Or Not?

We got over dark roots showing in blonde hair – can we now accept the grey?
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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and omgré – omgrey?

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and omgré – omgrey?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, probably still more often known as Kate Middleton, was snapped last November rocking a carefree new look we're calling omgré. Or omgrey. Maybe you'd spell it omgray? (We were taught "grey" is the colour, "gray" is a name, but who knows? *shrug*) Anyway, omgre clearly has its roots in the never-going-away ombre look Giselle made covetable forever ago.

omgre. omgrey. omgray. 

Omgré or omgrey on the Spring 2010 runway for Rue de Mail

Omgré or omgrey on the Spring 2010 runway for Rue de Mail

We first learned of the term omgre via our friend Jennifer. She works with one Rachel Cogan who floated the word in reference to having to get one's roots done to cover grey hair regrowth. The look, although at that time not named omgre (omgrey, omgray??) inspired model hair on the Spring 2010 Rue du Mail runway (above). And, it's different from mom-grey – grey hair caused by your kids, or so you tell them. Or maybe it's not so different?

sarah jessica parker omgre or omgrey

Sarah Jessica Parker has always shown her roots.

Sarah Jessica Parker has never minded letting her roots show. If you remember, she made it a thing back in her "Sex and the City" days, a breezy statment that said, there's no shame in showing we weren't born blonde. So we wonder whether omgre might eventually take off as an intentionally relaxed look the way ombre has. We know the pressure of keeping up the dye job can be intense, especially if grey or white hair seems to be winning. Omgre acceptance would be such a relief, wouldn't it?

omgre omgrey omgray Gerard Butler and his grey gray roots looks good

And look, Gerard Butler carries the omgre look off really well.

We'd like to think folks aren't so judgey these days about the root issue, whatever the colour. (Heck, I keep making rumblings about colouring away my own tinsel-lights, but so far can't be bothered.) Plus, many new moms choose to sacrifice hair colour when they're expecting and then breastfeeding, as was speculated about Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge.

What do you think? Does omgre have a legit future sans judgement? And please help: omgre? omgrey? omgray?