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Nivea Mother's Day Giveaway: A Little Skincare Memory With Mum

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Mr and Mrs Falcon_August 1966

Before I get to the Nivea Mother's Day Giveaway thing, let me tell you something about my mum. Yes, that's her there with my lovely Dad, in 1966. Aren't they a gorgeous pair? Anyway, Mum isn't obsessed with skincare or haircare or makeup or nail polish or fragrance. Not even close. And she never reads beauty magazines. But Mum has an intuitive sense about certain things.

nivea mother's day memory with mum

A fair number of skincare-related stories I write, whether freelance or for Beautygeeks, include some kind of moisturizing tip. Often it's that we should apply lotions or creams on damp skin post-shower or post-cleansing. It's advice some people still need because their skin's comfort isn't something they really think about. Instead, they suffer dryness and itchiness in a sort of that's-how-it-is way, and get on with their day.

I grew up with body moisturizer as a grooming step. Nivea Creme, actually. And I grew up knowing that my youngest brother, who has eczema, needed a rich moisturizer for his skin. I'd also been introduced to Nivea Milk in the 1970s nearly two decades before I got into magazine beauty world in 2001 (when I was 32). I knew about these things from Mum.

The Falcons_Mum Janine Karen Simon_and a Vista Cruiser

Not too long ago, I actually asked Mum how she knew to make my brothers and sister and me use Nivea cream right after we'd showered. After all, she'd grown up in Trinidad, where body lotion isn't so crucial.

"It's drier here; it seemed like a good idea," she said.

Well then. No deep thoughts about it, no scientific data, no explanations about the skin's barrier function and locking moisture in. Just intiutive good sense.

That's my Mum.

nivea trivia (which i nearly spelled nivea trivea)

Nivea 1911

Yes, yes, we're getting to the Nivea Mother's Day Giveaway soon. But first a few little trivia bits.

Nivea Creme debuted in 1911 (in that sweet yellow tin) as the first stable oil-in-water emulsion. See that? Two things dry skin needs desperately: oil and water. Fun fact: the component that made a stable emulsion possible was something called Eucerit.

The name Nivea was inspired by the colour of the cream -- snow white. In Latin, "snow" is nix and "of snow" is nevis.

Nivea Mother's Day Giveaway_Beautygeeks

Beautygeeks is giving away $120-worth of Nivea goodies, including Nivea Soft Cream, Nivea Milk, Nivea Eye Makeup Remover and Nivea Men Sensitive Skin After-Shave Balm and Hydro Gel. But note: this isn't the Nivea Mother's Day Giveaway, it's the Beautygeeks Nivea Giveaway.

To be eligible to win the Beautygeeks Nivea Giveaway, you must live in Canada and be a Beautygeeks subscriber (click here if you aren't yet). The deadline is Tuesday May 13th at midnight; enter below!

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1967 Deutschland, NIVEA Aufsteller

the nivea mother's day giveaway

Finally, right? Well the skincare brand is hosting a Nivea Mother's Day giveaway on the Nivea Facebook page, and giving away 30,000 samples of a limited-edition Nivea Creme. Tell them your favourite Nivea story -- if it's connected to a treasured memory of time with a loved one, even better -- and you'll be eligible to win two samples, one for you and one to share.

Go, enter the Nivea Mother's Day giveaway now! Contest closes May 11th.

And oh, hey Mum? Thank you. I love you. xoxo

This is a sponsored post. Mum will like that.