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MAC Lorde Collection: The Limited-Edition Makeup Pics

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MAC Lorde collection_Lorde beauty_cropped

The MAC Lorde collection press images are out. Following the frenzied lipstick lust ignited by Lorde's deep-impact lip colour at the 2014 Grammy Awards, the limited-edition makeup becomes available on June 5th online. And it won't break the bank. Lorde's look requires very few items to achieve.

mac lorde collection: the dynamic duo

MAC Lorde collection preview

Lorde's signature look, usually crafted by MAC artist Amber D, is all about a fey wing of liner and rebellious dark lip. With a little creative lip-mixing, it's really quite easy to recreate with less expensive brands.

But if you don't have time to play Miz Mix-A-Lot, the MAC Lorde collection (initial news here) gives you exactly the makeup you need. The collection consists of an inky liquid liner with a fine tip for precision, and a vivid deep violet lipstick.

MAC Lorde collection eyeliner_MAC Lorde Penultimate Eye Liner_Rapid Black

MAC Lorde collection Penultimate Eye Liner Rapid Black (true black), $19.50 USd/$23 CDN.

MAC Lorde collection-MAC Lorde Lipstick PureHeroine

MAC Lorde collection Lipstick in Pure Heroine (deep plum, amplified), $16 US/$19 CDN. Let's call it a sister to Heroine, the matte lipstick that was part of the Lorde lip recipe at the Grammy Awards. Pure Heroine is also the name of Lorde's album -- serendipity all around, yes?

The MAC Lorde collection -- or duo, really -- will be available via and at MAC Times Square and Fifth Avenue on June 5th, and at MAC locations internationally in July.

MAC Lorde collection official beauty shot

I'm going to need that lipstick. What about you? Are you still into this Lorde makeup look? Or are you over it?

And if you're still into the Lorde signature look, did you expect a larger collection? What else did you hope it would incude?