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Happy Easter: The Boulders Bunny and Good Wishes

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a Bunny at The Boulders_A Waldorf-Astoria Resort_Scottsdale AZ

This little bunny lives in Scottsdale, AZ, somewhere on the grounds of The Boulders, a sprawling Waldorf Astoria resort in the Sonoran Desert.  Along with a few friends, Boulder Bunny was enjoying an early December pre-dusk outing on a grassy patch just off the resort's extensive golf green. I snapped this shot with my friend Linda's camera, a NIKON D300 with an 18-300mm zoom lens. *covet*

a little bunny buddy at the boulders

a bunny at dusk_The Boulders_A Waldorf Astoria Resort_Scottsdale

Vivacious, accomplished photographer Linda Munson Covey works with The Boulders resort in Scottsdale (actually, the resort crosses the border between Scottsdale and a town called Carefree). When guests sign up for a desert photography tour so they can explore + pick up professional tips for snapping animals and plant-life, Linda is their guide and instructor. She and I got on so well during our early-morning tour (it started at about 7:30 am) that for fun we went shooting together again later that afternoon and well into dusk.

bunnies at The Boulders_scottsdale

For the most part I used my new Canon Rebel T3 DSLR, a great little camera now so popular that Henry's camera shop in downtown Toronto offers classes on how to use it. But Boulder Bunny and buddies were a bit far away for my lens, so Linda lent me her camera for these shots. Thanks, Linda -- xoxoxo.

bunny at The Boulders A Waldorf Astoria resort_Dec2013

I'm being pulled away from my laptop by blueberry and banana pancakes, coffee, and chattering nieces fresh off a little morning Easter egg hunt. (No bunnies were harmed in the making of this breakfast.)

Happy Easter, everyone!

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