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Essie Wedding 2014: Bridal Nail Polish Swatches & Comparisons

Essie Wedding 2014

Something borrowed, something blue, something Essie-bridal, too? Yep, it’s that time when Essie pops out with their annual getting-married collection (aka Essie Wedding 2014). This year is no different – comprised of four lovely shades, the Essie bridal nail polish palette is great for spring and summer and weddings. Wanna see?

pretty bridal polish for 2014

Essie She Said Yes Essie Bridal 2014

Essie Wedding 2014 She Said Yes A sheer cream shade with a delicate little silver shimmer. You'll need three thin coats for the coverage you see there.

Essie Got Engaged Essie Bridal 2014

Essie Wedding 2014 Got Engaged! A nude-toned blush pink, again with barely there sparkle.

Essie Love Every Minute Essie Bridal 2014

Essie Wedding 2014 Love Every Minute A straight up semi-sheer pastel coral that probably suits most skin tones rather well. No shimmer, no sparkle and lots of dupes to show you.

Essie Wedding 2014 Comparison Swatches

Essie Wedding 2014 Comparison Swatch Wheel

Essie Meet the Parents Essie Bridal 2014

Essie Wedding 2014 Meet the Parents That’s a lovely blue pastel that makes me feel all kinds of relaxed. It’s really a gorgeous shade of blue that takes three thin coats to get to that level of opacity. I quite adore it.

Essie Meet the Parents Matte Top Essie Bridal 2014

Essie Wedding 2014 Meet the Parents mattified. Ooh – I love a matte blue! I should also mention that Essie will finally be releasing their Essie Matte About You matte top coat to the mass market this August – it’s been a long time coming!

essie wedding 2014 geekyness:

As usual with an Essie Wedding collection, the shades are somewhat sheer so will need at least three coats for best coverage. A couple of them have that little subtle shimmer that’s almost invisible to the naked eye but still looks delightful in the bottle. Are they ground-breaking? No. Are they pretty and bridal? Yes.

Essie Wedding 2014 shades are already on shelves in the US; they'll hit stores here in Canada ($9.99) on May 1st, 2014.

And if you need more Essie, not to worry, we’re working feverishly on our Essie Neon Too Taboo 2014 Collection and will have them swatched and reviewed for you very shortly. Visit for more Essie-ness.

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (she’s drowning in polish; it's not pretty) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/