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Givenchy Croisiere Bronzer: Love It But Would Never Buy It and Here's Why

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I've been struggling to find something more relevant to say than just "it's so gorgeous" about this year's Givenchy Croisiere bronzer. It is stunning, but how inane to write just that and post a couple of photos. Then it hit me: although it really is a beautiful work of makeup art, I'd never buy it for myself. Here's why.

givenchy croisiere bronzer 2014: good buy or not

Givenchy Croisiere bronzer_summer 2014

First launched as an annual limited-edition in 2012, the Givenchy Croisiere Terre Exotique Healthy Glow Powder ($57, exclusively at Sephora) has a new look each year, as annual releases do. This one for 2014 hits shelves on May 2nd. It's lovely. And nope, I wouldn't buy it for myself.

Givenchy Croisiere bronzer_2014

It's not that there's anything wrong with the Givenchy Croisiere formula. This shade No. 2 Douce Croisieres is a flattering, medium, not-too-orange shade. It's a soft, talc-free texture with discreet shimmer, so it promises a silky, sheer, subtle sheen. And it's in a large pan, which is perfect for large-pan fans like our friend Zoey, who loves a giant fluffy powder brush as her delivery system. The price tag isn't even all that nuts, relatively speaking. Guerlain Terra Cotta Four Seasons bronzers are $34 more pricey. But I wouldn't buy it.

Givenchy Croisiere bronzer summer 2014

Frankly, this year's Givenchy Croisiere is too damn pretty. I'd want it, a lot. But once I'd paid for it, I'd never, ever mar the surface, not with a cautious fingertip, and certainly not with hasty, inconsiderate powder-brush swipes.

I don't have the white-walled display space to start a pretty-makeup gallery either, so on all counts buying myself this Givenchy Croisiere limited-edition bronzer would be a waste of $57 + tax. I'd rather spend $35 on a velvety MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural(very much like Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder, it's genius as bronzer). Or I could snag an Almay Smartshade Powder Bronzer ($12.95, drugstores), which is less shimmery than it seems and works quite nicely with my complexion.

Givenchy Croisiere bronzer 2014 limited edition

This Givenchy Croisiere Terre Exotique Healthy Glow Powder would be a brilliant gift though. I'd buy it for a bronzer-addict friend or sister.

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Would you spring for this bronzer -- and use it?