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Divergent Cosmetics: Limited-Edition Nail Polish Collection Swatches

Divergent Polish Sephora_Divergent cosmetics

Divergent cosmetics nail polish, you say? Before I knew there was a movie, I knew there was a limited-edition set of nail polish. It’s true. I live under a rock. Seriously, I know more stuff about the world of polish than I do about popular culture so it’s nice to have things like movie collaborations to help keep me somewhat current. Now let's look at the Divergent cosmetics nail collection.

divergent cosmetics polish: a sephora exclusive

Divergent Violet Abnegation Polish_Divergent cosmetics

Divergent polish Violet Abnegation. A really lovely deep dusty shade of grey that needs 3 coats for an even finish.

Divergent Polish Evolve over Violet Abnegation_divergent cosmetics

Divergent polish Evolve over Violet Abnegation. That’s one coat over Violet Abnegation and those copper and blue shimmer flecks add some serious depth. Also, it dries wicked fast.

Divergent polish Midnight Calm_divergent cosmetics

Divergent polish Midnight Calm. You’re thinking it’s black. It isn’t. It’s a deep, dark navy blue that might as well be black.

Divergent polish Opal Compassion over Midnight Calm_Divergent cosmetics

Divergent polish Opal Compassion over Midnight Calm. Oooh! I made a duochrome! Opal Compassion alone isn’t opaque enough to pop any remarkable shift but with one coat layered over Midnight Calm, you end up with something quite similar to OPI’s Peace & Love & OPI.

Divergent polish Pearl_Divergent Cosmetics

Divergent polish Pearl. A sheer pearl shimmer that you can layer over stuff or you can just use 2 coats straight up like I did.

Divergent polish Neutral Lace_Divergent cosmetics

Divergent polish Neutral Lace. A café latte crème nude. It's so very ho hum.

As a whole, I like the size of the Divergent cosmetics nail collection and I like the different finishes. I could do without Neutral Lace but the other 5 bottles have lots of applications when used in conjunction with one another. Maybe I should also mention there are nail tattoos included in the kit? Yes, I should mention that…

Divergent nail tattoos_divergent cosmetics

I’m not much for nail art so I didn’t play with the tattoos but they’re here in the box. Instruction is included, if you’re so inclined; might be a fun thing to try.

Along with this seven-piece Divergent cosmetics nail-art kit ($33), there are a couple other Collector Kits of Divergent Cosmetics available from They’re the exclusive beauty retailer for the line. Did I mention it’s limited edition?

Divergent, the movie, came out in North America a couple of weeks ago and stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James. Have you seen it? Planning to?

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (she’s thinking about a sammich) ©2014BEAUTYGEEKS/