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Dior Polish: New Vernis Gel Shine Color, i love u a whole lot

Dior Collage

Dior Gel Effect Polishes (aka Dior Vernis Couture Colour Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer) are brilliant. It’s a brand new kind of Gel-Effect Couture Dior polish that promises a smooth, shiny, glassy finish. I swatched 13 of the launch shades and I invite you to come look and pick a favourite – or 13.

dior polish gel shine and love

Dior polish Tra-La-La 155 spring 2014_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Tra-La-La 155

I’m finding it difficult to find the right words to describe how I feel about Dior polish.

Dior polish Incognito 257 spring 2014_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Incognitio 257

I mean, it was hard to find the right words when we just had the regular Dior Vernis but now that we have this Dior Gel Shine line…

Dior polish Palais Royal 403_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Palais Royal 403

I could talk about the redesigned brush that is like a magical thing that makes polishing an incredibly easy experience.

Dior polish Nuit 1947 970_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Nuit 1947 970

I could talk about the consistency of the gel-effect Dior Gel Shine polish itself which is really just phenomenal in conjunction with that awesome brush.

Dior polish Wonderland 575_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Wonderland 575

Or, I could talk about the perfect Dior-ness of the Gel Shine shades. But I won’t.

Dior polish Bonheur 661_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Bonheur 661

You can just look and try not to fall in love.

Dior polish Front Row 769_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Front Row 769

I thought about digging through my hoard and looking for dupes and then I realized that because of the quality of the Dior Gel Shine polish, nothing I have could even come close to being the same.

Dior polish Aventure 551_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Aventure 551

Normally, a dupe is a matching shade. But while you can most likely match many of these Dior shades, you’ll never match the quality, ease of application, and the shiny gel effect.

Dior polish Pandore 754_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Pandore 754

That’s what you get in these Dior Gel Shine bottles: quality. They’re all such a treat to use and to wear.

Dior polish Rouge 999_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Rouge 999

People ask me if they really need to go out and spend $26 on a bottle of polish. I say yes.

Dior polish Massai 853_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Massai 853

You might not need to buy all 14 of these Dior gel-effect polishes but if you buy the single shade that appeals to you most, get it home and get to polishing, you’ll absolutely understand why I speak so very highly of Dior polish.

Dior polish Mirage 338 spring 2014_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Mirage 338

You’ll use that bottle until it’s empty.

Dior polish Metal Montaigne 803_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Metal Montaigne 803

And because I couldn’t get my fingers into the one remaining Gel Shine shade of the 14 launch shades, here, please enjoy this stock photo.

Dior polish_Dior Vernis Junon 494_Dior Gel Shine

Dior polish Junon 494

After you’re done wearing your pretty Dior Gel Shine Couture gel-effect nail polish and need to switch it out for another shade, there’s this lovely Dior remover or, you can simply use whatever remover you normally do for regular polish.

Dior polish remover_Dior Dissolvant

Dior Dissolvant Abricot ($20) It’s gentle, acetone-free, and pleasantly scented.

Dior Polish_Dior-Vernis-Couture-Effet-Gel-1_Dior Gel Shine

Now, simply because I can, that's one more print photo of my favourite Dior Gel Effect ShadeBonheur 661 for good measure. That picture gives me grabby hands.

Dior Gel Effect Couture Nail Polish ($26 per) is available in April 2014 at and Dior counters nationwide. Dior Vernis Palais Royal and Dior Vernis Gel Junon will be available at in May 2014.

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (she doesn’t let her photos play on Instagram) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/