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Trind Polish: Spring/Summer 2014 Beauty & The Beach via the Netherlands

Trind polish Beauty and the Beach SpringSummer 2014

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m a lucky girl. Sometimes I get to try things I’ve never even seen before. Trind polish (aka Trind Caring Color) from the Netherlands is one of those things. It’s only been available in Canada for about two months and guess what? Yep, I’ve got the whole brand spankin’ new Beauty & The Beach spring/summer 2014 collection to show you!

trind polish: beauty & the beach

The Trind polish bottles are so pretty. So different. So nice to look at. And the Trind Beauty & The Beach shades for spring/summer… Ooooh… Aaaaah…

Trind polish Appletini

Trind polish AppletiniA great shade of granny-apple green

Once I open the bottles and pull out the wand, I realize the wand is little longer than I’d like (it often leads to polish blobs running down the wand and onto the brush). Then I get to gettin’ it on. Hmm… creamy. Hmm... thick. Hmm... tricky.

Trind polish Surf's Up

Trind polish Surf’s UpA frosty metallic azure blue

Apart from Surf’s Up, all of what you see here is two thick coats. Surf’s Up is the only non-crème polish in this bunch.

Trind polish Mint Julep

Trind polish Mint Julep A minty-green shade of blue

The pigment on everything is über-good, the self-level is average, and (again, apart from Surf’s Up) the application process is slow. It's impossible for me to do 3 thin coats to get perfect coverage; I'm forced to do two thick ones.

Trind Polish Mellow Yellow

Trind polish Mellow Yellow oh, how I love a sunny solid yellow

Trind polish Mellow Yellow Matte Top Coat

Trind polish Mellow Yellow with OPI Matte Top CoatOoooh! Mattified sunny solid yellow!

If you look closely at the cuticle line, you can see little gaps and uneven application at the base of many of the fingers. It’s true – I’m not that great with crème polishes.

Trind polish Burst My Bubble

Trind polish Burst My Bubble

There you have it – my first go-around with this new-to-me Trind polish. I haven’t yet decided if I’m a fan. It’s awfully pretty in the bottles, the pigment is great, and it’s got beautiful shine. Application for me is tricky on account of this being a crème-heavy collection but if you go slowly enough, you can get an almost perfect result.

Trind polish Miss O'Hara

Trind polish Miss O’Hara

I do however, adore the simplicity of the shades – they’re wonderfully uncomplicated and really quite fun to look at. Trind’s Beauty & The Beach Collection will take you from spring all the way into summer.

In Canada, the Trind polish Spring/Summer 2014 Beauty & the Beach Collection ($13 per shade) is available at Visit for more online and spa locations in both Canada and the US.

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (she’s off to spend some quality time with her Kobo Glo) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/