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Revlon Nail Enamel: It's OuterSpace, Dude, and The Power of Color

Revlon Vintage

Charles Revson started Revlon with nail enamel, which he invented with his brother Joseph and chemist Charles Lachman. Lipstick came later so women could perfectly match their lips to their tips, a co-ordinated look Revson preferred. Now Revlon nail enamel is 82 years old and has a new kick-ass campaign that ain’t no vintage revisit. The Power of Color visuals are a little controversial with some folks, but they make me smile. This Outer Space collection of swatches makes me smile too.

revlon nail enamel + that guy = gimmie that

A few people have their underoos in a twist about this new campaign. Comments on YouTube express outrage at the thought we might paint our nails for men. I just think the campaign is fun and kinda saucy. I paint my nails for myself (and for you), and they get noticed a lot by women. But guess what? They get noticed a lot by dudes, too. And if having a dude comment on the neat colour of your manicure isn't fun -- well.

Anyway, ladies, it’s time for swatches of the Revlon Outer Space collection.

revlon nail enamel: outer space collection

Revlon Knockout

Revlon nail enamel Knockout

Revlon Heavenly over Knockout

Revlon nail enamel Heavenly over Knockout

Revlon Heavenly over Knockout_2

Revlon nail enamel Heavenly over Knockout again because I’m almost as in love with this combination as I am with the dude in the second video, near the end of this post.

Revlon Graffiti678 over Fearless

Revlon nail enamel Graffiti 678 topcoat over Revlon Fearless

Revlon Graffiti over Urban

Revlon nail enamel Graffiti 732 topcoat over Revlon Urban

Revlon Graffiti over OPI Push Shove

Revlon nail enamel Graffiti 732 over OPI Push & Shove pretty much just because it looks fantastical.

revlon nail enamel: meet mikey

Now we could talk about how great I think Revlon polish is (and always has been) or we could just watch this video of Mikey Kay. Um... he's a retired liutenant colonel from the British Armed Forces and a former advisor to the UK Ministry of Defense. Also, he's an international affairs reporter, photographer, and documentary producer. You know, just your average dude who admires nail polish. Fun fact for shoe addicts: Mikey's wife Meghan Kay works for Christian Louboutin.

Revlon + The Cut Celebrate #powerofcolor

And there are four more guys with four more collections of shades and video clips that you can watch on the Revlon YouTube channel. From left: Brendan Fallis, Jamahl Thompson, Phil Winser, Mikey Kay and Tao Fernandez. I do believe Revlon is putting the man into manicure.

All the Revlon nail enamels featured here are part of Revlon’s core collection and are available pretty much everywhere as of now. Do I need to tell you I’ve been a fan of Revlon nail polish since I was a little girl? This brand endures. Why? Because it’s just good stuff.

What's your favourite Revlon shade? And what do you think of the new Power of Color campaign? Yes or no to the men?

Manicures and Photos by Karen Falcon (her to-do list is mind-boggling) ©2104 BEAUTYGEEKS/ Vintage ad via Dudes photo via