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Lorde Makeup Using Covergirl + What Models Think About the Lorde Goth Lip

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Lorde makeup Covergirl_Bellavance runway look_TheshOws_Fall 2014

Easy, breezy, beautiful... goth? Yes, Covergirl + goth. "Lorde goth," in fact, the blackened-berry lip Grammy-winning singer Lorde has suddenly made cool outside of winter. Although that deep-dark lip is scaring some parents of tween and teen girls (tee hee, JoElla!), beauty-obsessed types are all about it (hence the MAC Lorde collab this summer). On the Bellavance runway this week at The Shows, of which Covergirl is the makeup sponsor, the focus was on a vamp-tastic lip very much like that Lorde makeup look. Here's the how-to, plus the reaction I got from two models backstage about that lip colour.

lorde goth: a lorde makeup look with covergirl

Lorde makeup look_Bellavance Fall Winter lookbook 2014

Lorde wasn't actually the inspiration for the Bellavance makeup; it's the look the New York designers chose for their Fall/Winter lookbook months ago. The Bellavance beauty is "kind of this girl that's breaking out from the mould," said Covergirl makeup pro Veronica Chu, the lead artist backstage. "Instead of that classically beautiful bare face, she's going to go strong, deep with a colour that naturally we're not really drawn to, that deep plum with a brown undertone."

Lorde makeup look Covergirl_Marieme_theshOws Fall 2014

You might think that models, with all their genetic blessings, wear all kinds of daring lipstick colours just because they can. But this was the first time Marieme (above), from Next Models Canada, had ever worn a dark, dark shade like this. "I usually wear deep red, sometimes bright during summer," she told me. "I would never think to wear this colour. But I love it! I went to the bathroom [mirror], and was like Oh, yeah!"

Lorde makeup look Covergirl_Dillon_theshOws Fall 2014

For Dillon, a model with Push agency, this Lorde makeup colour isn't one she'd typically wear either. "But after Veronica showed me how to put it on, and what makeup to wear it with -- not too much on the eye, super-glowy skin -- I think I would. It's badass," she said. "I'm usually an eye girl -- I do the eye and a nude lip. But now it's time to change it up -- this is so much easier. Throw on your lip and go."

10 steps to a lorde makeup look with covergirl

1) Moisturize skin with Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream ($38.99 at drugstores). This line is the new incarnation of the discontinued Olay Definity; over time it helps to brighten the complexion and diminish the appearance of dark spots.

Lorde makeup look Covergirl_Covergirl & Olay serum

2) If you need to boost your foundation's staying power and add an instant subtle glow, apply Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer ($17.99 at *This serum makes a great illuminator after your makeup is done. To catch the light, pat a little on the tops of cheekbones, down the centre of the nose, on the bow of the lips.*

3) Dab and blend Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup ($13.99 at drugstores) where you need it -- maybe a bit on the forehead, down the centre of the face on and beside the nose, a little on the cheeks. You want a natural finish. This latest version of TruBlend foundation consists of 14 shades designed to work with 98% of all complexions in Canada. There are seven light shades, five medium, and two deep. Its light-to-medium water-based coverage allows some shade-selection leeway. Because it lets skin show through, your best guess for your complexion should work.

4) Touch up dark circles, the inner corners of the upper lid, red spots and around the base of the nose with a Covergirl TruBlend Fixstick ($11.99 at drugstores), a chubby-pencil concealer. "I actually put a little on the lips too because we're going to do a deeper colour," says Veronica. This technique helps neutralize the lips so the lipstick shade pops.

Lorde makeup look Covergirl_Bellavance_TheshOws

5) On the lids, apply a light, sheer wash of the gold in the Covergirl Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadow in Sheerly Nudes ($6.49 at

6) Curl lashes and apply one coat of Covergirl Clump Crusher Extensions Mascara in Very Black ($10.99 at drugstores).

7) Lightly sculpt cheekbones with Covergirl Clean Glow Bronzer in Spices ($8.99 at

8) With an appropriate shade of Covergirl Brow and EyeMakers pencil ($4.99/2 + sharpener at, fill brows in with feathery upward strokes along the outer edges. "The brows are a statement, yes, but not the statement," says Veronica. "It's to complement the lip." Use Covergirl Professional Natural Lash Mascara in Clear ($6.49 at to brush brows up and out.

Lorde makeup look Covergirl_Covergirl Sophisticated lip liner

9) On lips, pat a little Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder Sensitive Skin ($8.49 at over the bit of Fixstick you applied earlier. With Covergirl LipPerfection Lip Liner in Sophisticated ($8 at, follow your natural lip line and fill lips in to create a base.

Lorde makeup look Covergirl_Covergirl Lip Perfection Enchant lipstick

Deep lip colours need more precision than others when you apply them, says Veronica. She suggests dabbing lips with Covergirl LipPerfection lipstick in Enchant ($9.99 at, then using a lip brush to blend it to the edges. Or you can use a lip brush for the entire application.

Lorde makeup look Covergirl_Covergirl Black Diamonds nail polish

10) Finish nails with Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Black Diamond ($8.49 at drugstores).

Lorde makeup look_Dillon_backstage Bellavance_Covergirl

Really, this is a simplified, spare approach to a Lorde makeup look: less eye shadow, no liner, subtle highlighting. Could you do it? Would you? Anyone else have brow envy over Dillon's brows?