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Spring 2014 Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick: Swatches + Application Tips

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Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick_Spring 2014 shades

Don't think of this as a warning: five out of six new Joe Fresh liquid lipsticks for Spring 2014 are bright. bold. intense. They're full-coverage with a velvety finish. The pigment party you see in the tube is the shade you'll get on your lips. You need them all if gutsy, statement lip colour is your thing. You'll also need one or two little application tips to get your best results. If you're colour-shy, take heart -- there's a tip or two for you as well. Note: the formula is transfer resistant. And yup, I've used them as longwear liquid blush, too.

joe fresh liquid lipstick swatches

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Baiser_swatch_

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Baiser

joe fresh liquid lipstick Baiser A very pretty creamy, peachy nude.

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Grapefruit swatch

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Grapefruit

joe fresh liquid lipstick Grapefruit A bright, sugary pink, with a bit of tang. So Spring. A mood lifter.

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Fuchsia swatch

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Fuchsia

joe fresh liquid lipstick FuchsiaBright, clean fuchsia. Gorgeous.

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Baie Sauvages swatch

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Baie Sauvages

joe fresh liquid lipstick Baie Sauvages A vivid violet pink, this was the first shade I tried, of course, on my lips and cheeks. Adore. Got compliments.

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Rouge swatch

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Rouge

joe fresh liquid lipstickRouge May be the most vibrant scarlet you'll ever own. My sister-in-law's Bubby backed away from me when I was wearing it. And I chased my eight-year-old niece around a room threatening to kiss her while I wore it -- it's killer bright. It's amazing. And guess what? A kiss on the cheek -- or the little niece arm you manage to grab -- won't transfer colour.

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Plum swatch

Joe Fresh Liquid Lipstick Plum

joe fresh liquid lipstickPlum An intensely deep shade I need to wear more often. Also a good price for your little Lorde fans, although a little application practice might be necessary. (Comes with the territory: big-impact shade, high pigment, so precision is important.)

joe fresh liquid lipstick application tips

  • Avoid loading up your applicator. Joe Fresh Long Wear Liquid Lipstick ($8; for locations) is so pigmented that you need only a little to achieve an even finish. A generous application feels heavy and looks thick, a bit messy.
  • Take your time. The smooth formula allows playtime to perfect the coverage without creating a weird texture.
  • When you've finished your application, pop your finger in your mouth, close your lips around it, then pull your finger out. That's an old trick to minimize colour transfer onto teeth. (I feel like I saw Carol Burnett demonstrate that once.)
  • When the colour sets, it's transfer resistant, and lasts nicely. Is it drying? A little. The more you apply, the more you'll feel it. Top with a balm if you like, but then you'll lose the transfer-resistant finish.
  • If you're shy with colour, try Baiser and/or Grapefruit. Grapefruit is still on the bright side, but the formula will allow you to dab a little on your lips then smooth it with a fingertip or lip brush. Or you might prefer instead one of the new Joe Fresh Sheer Lip Balms or the Hydrate & Plump duos.

Thoughts? Have I talked you out of a Joe Fresh liquid lipstick? Or into one?