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Urban Decay Bang and Chaos Polish: Electric Summer 2014

Urban Decay Bang and Chaos nail polish_summer 2014

Urban Decay polish and edgy go together like nobody’s business. I mean, you’ve seen the bottles, right? Today, a quick look at swatches of Urban Decay Bang and Chaos, the two limited-edition nail color shades from the Urban Decay Electric collection for summer 2014.

urban decay bang and chaos: so electric

Urban Decay Polish Bang 2014 BEAUTYGEEKS

Urban Decay Bang  This. Orange. Ooooh.. Aaaah… I’m a big fan of an in-your-face orange and Urban Decay Bang doesn’t disappoint. After all, Bang is a hot Urban Decay eye shadow shade already. Shimmery and bright, it shrieks summer. What you see here is two coats.

Urban Decay Polish Chaos 2014 BEAUTYGEEKS

Urban Decay Chaos  This cobalt blue right here is going to be everywhere this season. In fact, it’s already everywhere and Urban Decay Chaos has nailed it. That might be because Chaos is already one of Urban Decay's most popular eye shadow shades from their Vice palette in 2012. Smelly in the bottle (kinda skunk-like actually, and moreso than Bang), it’s an excellent, balanced blend of shimmer and colour that goes on really well in two easy coats. Once the air clears and the polish dries, you'll see it’s worth suffering the olfactory assault for the five minutes it takes to get the stuff on.

I’m a fan of both these limited-edition polishes. Are you?

Urban Decay Bang ($18CAD) and Urban Decay Chaos ($18CAD) will be available at in April.

Manicures and manicure photos by Karen Falcon (there’s her favourite Maple Crunch chocolate bar on her desk) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/ Opening photo originally courtesy of Urban Decay.