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Rimmel Nail Polish Swatches: Salon Pro with Lycra and Kate Moss

Rimmel Nail Polish Swatch

Rimmel nail polish and I go way back. How far back? Before-the-internet far back. It was one of the first brands I started buying for quality and colour. Because of our long history, I have a soft spot in my heart for Rimmel polish. And once I show you the Spring 2014 and Kate Moss collections, maybe you'll find space in your heart for ’em too.

rimmel nail polish: salon pro with lycra

Rimmel Polish Chic Chick Kate Moss Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Chic Chick - Kate Moss  Oh, hello perfect neutral.

Rimmel Polish New Romantic Kate Moss Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish New Romantic - Kate Moss  Baby pink pastel is so spring-fresh.

Rimmel Polish Soul Session Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Soul Session - Kate Moss  And there's this wonderfully on-trend nude.

Rimmel Polish Beige Babe Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Beige Babe  And this great earthy neutral.

Rimmel Polish Purple Rain Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Purple Rain  Brilliant violet! Ermahgerd I lurve it!

Rimmel Polish Yes Sir Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Yes Sir!  S'one of my absolute favourite shades of green. Ever.

Rimmel Polish Punk Rock Kate Moss Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Punk Rock - Kate Moss  You can’t tell me this mauvey-raisin doesn’t appeal to you. You just can’t.

Rimmel Polish Punk Rock w Matte Top Coat

Rimmel nail polish Punk Rock with Formula X Mind over Matter Matte Top Coat. Does it appeal to you more now? Hmm?

Rimmel Polish Punk Rock w Matte Top and Dots

Rimmel nail polish Punk Rock mattified with a side of Britpop Dots  And how about now? (Check out my mad nail art skillz, yo).

Rimmel Polish Britpop Kate Moss Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Britpop Kate Moss with Rimmel Clearly Clear as topcoat.

Rimmel Polish Simply Sizzling Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Simply Sizzling  I see this shade, I buy this shade. Simple.

Rimmel Polish Barmy Blue Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Barmy Blue  There are lots of definitions for the word barmy – it’s a British word that I generally take to mean crazy or nutty. It can also mean full of froth or ferment, or marked by spirited enjoyment. However you slice it, it’s just a stunner of an indigo blue.

Rimmel Polish Hot Gossip Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Hot Gossip  Every collection need a solid poppy red. Not sure why but here it is.

Rimmel Polish Red Award Spring 2014

Rimmel nail polish Red Award  Oooooh... Blackened cherry...

There you have it. Everything Rimmel Spring 2014 I could get my fingernails into. You’re a little bit in love with Rimmel nail polish now, aren’t you? I tell ya what, the stuff is great. Although the handle feels a little clunky (I wish it had the pop-off top like Chanel and Joe Fresh polishes do), we’re talking about serious shine and serious pigment.

Thanks to the lycra, the polish doesn’t dry into a rock solid sheet but maintains flexibility. So rather than chipping, you get minor wear at the tips. The brushes themselves might feel somewhat inflexible when you’re applying your pretty colours but that’s just a feeling and if you’re careful (like I am), the polish applies remarkably well. I got excellent lines along the cuticles and side walls with every single one of these. The formula is fantastic across the board.

I heart Rimmel nail polish. It’s so good I’m just gonna go ahead and say you should get some. These shades of Rimmel nail polish (by the way, the actual name of the polish is a lengthy; Rimmel London Salon Pro with Lycra Nail Polish) including the Kate Moss collection ($5.95 each) are widely available right now at mass market retailers. I've swatched you almost all the shades available in the Canadian market but if you pop over to Rimmel London UK, and are lucky enough to live or visit the UK, the line is actually made up of a whopping 36 shades. I want to hop across the pond so bad!

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (she’s on a mission to make you aware that there are excellent quality mid-range polishes out there for you). ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/