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Jessi Cruickshank: Rob Ford, a Warming Facial Mask, and Running in Heels

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Jessi Cruikshank Rob Ford e-Talk_pre-Oscars 2014

Vivacious TV host/personality Jessi Cruickshank is a hot topic for more than just the new Bioré warming facial mask she's in Toronto to promote this evening. Her eTalk interview with Mayor Rob Ford in LA this past Sunday is heating up in a going-viral kind of way. On Hollywood Blvd, the day before his on-air date with Jimmy Kimmel, Cruikshank gave Ford an Oscars-related pop quiz. Ford flunked, unable to name even one of the nominated films or correctly identify stars when prompted by their first names. (Our favourite: in response to "Meryl" he answered "candidate," then finally "Street.") In a telephone chat this morning about skincare and her new life in Los Angeles, we got the Jessi Cruikshank Rob Ford scoop on how the interview came together. It starts with a text and includes racing from the Oscars red carpet in a gown and high heels.

the jessi cruickshank rob ford etalk interview scoop

If you haven't seen the eTalk Jessi Cruickshank Rob Ford pre-Oscars interview, here's the clip:

It's hours before the live Academy Awards broadcast in LA, during the intense red-carpet prep and coverage for one of CTV eTalk’s biggest shows of the year. In the midst of that whirlwind, plucky eTalk correspondent Jessi Cruickshank gets a text from a friend...

Jessi Cruikshank instagram_pre the Jessi Cruikshank Rob Ford etalk interview

"I was in makeup at 5:30 am that morning, we're shooting all our links on the carpet and prepping for the interviews, and I do a fashion segment as well, so I'm writing that -- but of course, Rob Ford shows up in LA, and a friend of mine from Toronto texts me Doug Ford's phone number and says, 'you should see if you can get an interview.'

"I thought, what, I'm going to call Doug Ford up and he's going to give me an interview? That's crazy! So I call the number, and sure enough, Doug Ford here. I say 'hi, I'm with eTalk, I'm wondering if we can do an interview.' Oh yeah hey, yeah hey, and then I hear him yelling in a room, hey Rob, you wanna do an interview with eTalkand Yeah, okay, sounds good. Bizarre!

Jessi Cruikshank_Oscars 2014 red carpet_pre Jessi Cruikshank Rob Ford pre-Jimmy Kimmel interview

"So I just continued to call Doug, or Rob's press secretary because he passed on that number, and I'm calling these people's cell phones while I'm on the Oscar red carpet; it was the most bizarre melding of two worlds. They say I can run and meet them on Hollywood Blvd., they're a few blocks away. So literally, in my gown and heels and diamonds, I'm running with a camera man down Hollywood Blvd to find Rob Ford.

"At this point I'm thinking of questions as I'm running. I know we're going to air it during our big Oscar show, so I can't ask him anything hard-hitting or political, it has to be somehow Oscar-themed. By the same token, I didn't just want to treat him like a celebrity. I wanted somehow to put him on the spot a little bit. God knows why he was in LA for the Oscars, and people weren't happy about it, and I wanted to make that apparent. So I did a silly Oscar quiz with him, and I threw in some pretty cheeky crack-related questions at the end. All of those were prepared in my head as I was running down Hollywood Blvd in a gown, being hooted at and yelled at and harrassed."

That's called multi-tasking, ladies and gentlemen. Right? There's more from that Jessi Cruickshank Rob Ford eTalk interview; watch for it on CTV tonight or tomorrow.

Jessi Cruikshank_Biore self-heating charcoal mask

In an upcoming post on Beautygeeks: Jessi Cruickshank's new morning habit (hint: see above), her take on Hollywood assistants, and the mean girl in school who no longer gets between Jessi and her MAC Lady Danger.

Opening image screen capped from the eTalk Rob Ford interview; photos via Jessi Cruickshank on Instagram.