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OPI Glitter Swatches: It's a Big, Fat OPI Spotlight on Glitter


It’s been all OPI Glitter all the time around here. The culprit: Spotlight on Glitter by OPI. If you’re sad the holidays are over because all the sparkles went with ’em, rejoice – this March, you've got a brand new line of six sparkling shades. Did I swatch them? You betcha. Will I show you? S’what I do, yo.

opi glitter: a spotlight on sparkly stuff

OPI Spotlight on Glitter_1  OPI Glitter

What am I using as a basecoat you ask? Well, it’s my YSL Noir Primitif Nail Lacquer with a topcoat of shimmery YSL Tie & Die Ice Coat. That sounds complicated but really, I just wanted to use something dark so the OPI glitter bits would pop and you could see them in all their glory.

OPI Chasing Rainbows_ OPI Glitter

OPI Glitter Chasing RainbowsBy the way, I did two coats with all these glitters. I could probably have done one, but why not just do two?

OPI I Reached My Gold_1 OPI Glitter

OPI Glitter I Reached My Gold Tricky to pull out those big bits (we can call them large hexagonal glitter bits if you really want to) but once you get enough out of the bottle, slap ’em on there and then wait a minute or two, and do a second coat to level it all out.

OPI I Reached My Gold_2 OPI Glitter
OPI Rose of Light_1_OPI Glitter

OPI Glitter Rose of Light There’s square bits in there! I like square bits!

OPI Rose of Light_2 OPI Glitter
OPI You Pink Too Much_1 OPI Glitter

OPI Glitter You Pink Too Much  Holo micros and simple pink hex glitter. Probably better on a purple than on a black.

OPI Glitter You Pink Too Much_2
OPI Blush Hour_1_ OPI Glitter

OPI Glitter Blush Hour  Okay, this one might need some words because it’s kind of my favourite from the Spotlight on Glitter Collection. It’s pink. The polish coat is tinted pink and the glitter in there is purple and pink with what feels to me like a hit of Liquid Sand.

OPI Blush Hour_2  OPI Glitter

OPI Glitter Blush Hour  I can’t describe it except to say it’s pretty cool.

And now you’re going to think that’s only five of the six shades from this OPI Glitter collection and you’re right. BUT, seeing as I have this brand spankin’ new OPI Glitter Off Peel-able Base Coat to test out…

OPI Desperately Seeking Sequins_1_ OPI Glitter

OPI Glitter Desperately Seeking Sequins is on my first and second nail. And what you’re looking at here is my tester manicure for the OPI Glitter Off basecoat. I'm wearing:

  • a basecoat of OPI Glitter Off on all the nails.
  • OPI Pinky with two coats of OPI Blush Hour. See? Blush Hour has a pink tinted base. It’s pretty sparklicious all by itself.
OPI Desperately Seeking Sequins_2_ OPI Glitter

OPI Glitter Off Tester Manicure  I’m doing it for you so that in a few days, we’ll both know how the OPI Glitter Off works. You’re gonna stay tuned for that review, right?

So, there you are. A whole new glitter-tastical collection of sparkles, iridescent confetti bits, silver bar glitter, hex bits, holographic bits, square bits and too many other shiny stuffs to mention.

OPI Spotlight on Glitter_2_ OPI Glitter

OPI Spotlight on Glitter

You gonna get you some OPI glitter ($10.95 each)? It launches pretty much now. For bottle shots and the press release info, you can visit the Polish Insomniac post for OPI Spotlight on Glitter.

Oh, Carly!! I made this for you! I hope it's everything you dreamed it would be... If you're on a desktop or tablet, clicking zooms for a nice big picture. XO.

OPI Chasing Rainbows Over Different Shades

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (she keeps channel locks on her desk for those hard-to-open bottles) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/