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Formula X for Sephora: Winning Line of Polish + Top Coats Goin' for Gold

Formula X Olympic Nails_2

Yay, for 200+ bottles of Formula X! Yay for Canadian Olympic Spirit! Yay, for being able to pick up the phone and call Caren from Manis on the Move to come over and paint some nails to celebrate our Canadian athletes going for the gold in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games! You can sport this nail art while having your 6am beer and cheering our team during the hockey finals! Oh, and as a whole, the Formula X line deserves a qualifying round if you haven't tried any of it yet. More shade swatches and details below.

formula x: no-compromise polish seriously goes for gold 

Formula X Olympic_1

Caren P's Formula X Canadian Olympic Manicure  If you’ve been following all these here nail posts I’ve been doing at Beautygeeks, then you know I do not have the technology to nail art. Instead I have Caren from Manis on the Move (you've seen Caren's work here and here too). She’s good at this kinda stuff. Sephora sent us a design idea and Caren came over ’n did the arting.

The red: Formula X Curiosity
The black: Formula X Dark Matter
The white splatter coat: Formula X Effects Topcoat Wham!

Here, enjoy my sad effort:

Formula X for Sephora Curiosity w Wham Topcoat

My Formula X Canadian Olympic Manicure. On account of my mad nail art skillz, I rolled with two shades. Don’t judge.

what's winning about formula x

Along with these great shades of Canada, maybe you’ve heard that Formula X for Sephora has another couple hundred shades available? Yep, I said couple hundred. As in 200+. I don’t have many here at home with me but I do have a few I can show you…

Formula X Invincible

Formula X Invincible

Formula X Theoretical

Formula X Theoretical

All the Formula X polishes I have go on really, really well. They all have a superior self-level and a highly plasticized shiny finish even without the topcoat. I don’t know what kind of polymers they’ve got stuffed in those bottles but it’s great. Oh! And there’s a whole system ($39) that all these polishes are designed for use with. There’s a cleanser, a base coat and a top coat that come with the polish shade of your choice. It’s all designed to be used in conjunction with one another and, for the best possible results, I'd say do it.

Formula X Reckless

Formula X Reckless

Formula X Bionic Xplosive TopCoat

Formula X Reckless with Formula X Bionic Xplosive Topcoat

Formula X Dark Matter

Formula X Dark Matter  This is quite possibly the best black nail colour I’ve ever used in my whole life. It’s completely opaque in one coat, it’s incredibly shiny, and the self-level is mind-boggling.

Formula X for Sephora Dark Matter w Over The Moon Topcoat

Formula X Dark Matter with Over the Moon Effects Topcoat It’s okay to make intelligent ooooh... aaaah noises when you look at this picture – you shoulda heard me when I was putting the stuff on. I was all “holy crap this stuff is SO Gimmie That!” You want it. I know you do. You should maybe think about getting it.

If you’ve got a Sephora nearby, you might want to pop in and have a look at the huge display of Formula X. The sheer number of shades from neutrals to blindingly bright, chromes, holos, duochromes, textures, top coats, and more, will blow your mind. If you don’t have a Sephora nearby, lucky for you there’s where you can get all these goodies and have them delivered to your door.

You also know is for us here in Canada, right?

Yay, Canada!

Formula X for Sephora ($13 - $30 per shade/$39 for the system) is available exclusively at a Sephora (or the .com or near you.

Manicures by Karen F & Caren P ( Photos by Karen Falcon (she’s just seen The Foil Look from Formula X and she’s gonna maybe order one tomorrow) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/