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Chanel Coup de Coeur Le Vernis: Swatch

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Chanel Coup de Coeur 609 Le Vernis

A plummy new Spring 2014 nail colour, Chanel Coup de Coeur 609 Le Vernis hit counters this week. So our ManiGeek Karen kindly swatched it so you can see how it looks.

chanel coup de coeur le vernis

Chanel Coup de Coeur 609

Chanel Coup de Coeur is part of the Spring 2014 Le Rouge Collection Variation, which is just a fancy name for all the pretty lipstick, gloss and liner shades Chanel has out for the season. Some are existing hues, some are brand new, and some are limited editions. Chanel Coup de Coeur is new, but not a limited edition, so you can slide it into a later Chanel budget if need be. *grin*

Chanel cosmetics are available at department stores, Murale, and select Shoppers Drug Mart beauty boutiques. Visit for information.

By the way, coup de coeur means "love at first sight," and is applicable to impulse buys as well as across-a-crowded-room situations.

What do you think of Chanel Coup de Coeur? Is there room in your Chanel budget? Do you have a budget just for Chanel?

Manicure and manicure photo by Karen Falcon (she likes Nutty Mac White treats from Purdy's) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/