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OPI Next Stop... The Bikini Zone vs OPI Kermit Me to Speak: Comparison Swatch

Duochrome wheel_OPI Next Stop The Bikini Zone vs OPI Kermit Me to Speak duochrome comparison swatch

Ana, I made this for you! It's a duochrome battle between OPI Next Stop... The Bikini Zone from the OPI Brazil collection and OPI Kermit Me to Speak from the OPI Muppets Most Wanted collection. (They're starred on the above duochrome wheel.) The outcome: if you have a duochrome addiction you might need both. If you don’t have my particular affliction, whichever you prefer is a good choice.

opi next stop vs opi kermit me to speak

Let's have a look at the side-by-side swatches (three thin coats each), and then I'll tell ya the major differences.

OPI Next Stop The Bikini Zone vs OPI Kermit Me to Speak Comparison Swatch

OPI Next Stop is what I’d call a mild duochrome. It takes a lot of shifting and tilting to get the shifts to show.

OPI Kermit Me To Speak is a more metallic, full-on duochrome that shows its duo easily.

OPI Next Stop has some larger reflective flecks in it than OPI Kermit.

OPI Next Stop stops at a light silvery lilac whereas OPI Kermit Me to Speak goes to a deeper purple. OPI Bikini also seems to hold at a paler golden-violet than OPI Kermit, which goes to a more solid shade of greeny gold.

Both are pretty.

So, Ana, which one you gonna get? No judgement if you decide you must have both.

OPI nail polish ($10.95 each) is available at select salons and retailers; for information.

Photos by Karen Falcon (she has too many duochromes to count) ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/