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OPI Muppets Most Wanted 2014: Swatches of the Limited Editions

OPI Muppets Most Wanted Spring 2014 Display

See Carly? The OPI Muppets Most Wanted limited edition collection inspired by The Muppets Most Wanted movie and swatched for your viewing pleasure. C'mon, have a look!

opi muppets most wanted swatches


OPI Muppets I Love Applause  Charming sweet sheer pink -- three coats because mostly I don't dig sheer.

OPI Gaining Mole-Mentum OPI Muppets Spring 2014

OPI Muppets Gaining Mole-Mentum over I Love Applause Shredded silver, gold, and rose gold confetti that goes on nicely in one coat.

OPI Chillin' Like A Villain Brush_OPI Muppets.jpg

Oh no. When this happens, don't be tempted to rip the strays out with a pair of tweezers. Get your trusty pair of desk scissors and snip the bristle off as close to the base of the brush as possible, then carry on.

OPI Chillin' Like a Villain OPI Muppets Spring 2014

OPI Muppets Chillin' Like a Villain  Lovely peachy nude. It's still rather sheer after two coats, but it'll do.

OPI Int'l Crime Caper OPI Muppets Spring 2014

OPI Muppets Int'l Crime Caper  A pinky-blue opalescent pearl that goes on sheer in two coats. This is the kind of sheer I can handle!

OPI Let's Do Anything We Want OPI Muppets Spring 2014

OPI Muppets Let's Do Anything We Want! over Int'l Crime Caper  Tiny little confetti dots in silvery pink and white. The larger square confetti tends to get stuck in the bottle and not on the brush so that's why you don't see any squares in my single coat over top of Int'l Crime Caper.

OPI Miss Piggy's Big Number OPI Muppets Spring 2014

OPI Muppets Miss Piggy's Big Number  Oooh. I do love an in-your-face blue and this one is metallic sapphire that goes on with tolerable streaky-ness and wait a minute... don't I have this already?

OPI Miss Piggy Comparison Swatches

OPI Muppets Miss Piggy Comparison  Turns out I do sorta have it. Wow -- my dupe goes way back to 2006 and the OPI Brights Collection. It's called Blue My Mind (not the Sally Hansen Blue My Mind which is similar but not a dupe). My OPI dupe for Miss Piggy's Big Number goes so far back that it doesn't even have the pro-wide brush in it. (The pro-wide brush was also 2006 for those who are wondering how long it's been making our polishing experience that much better.)


OPI Muppets Muppets World TouroverMiss Piggy's Big Number Huh. The photo looks a little out of focus but really it isn't. There's actually sand in this-here glitter coat. OPI is calling it white quartz, but really, it's a textured glitter coat with a touch of sand and some tiny coloured confetti bits. It makes my brain hurt to look at it. Maybe for winter over a base of white but now, when all I want is spring, this stuff isn't floating my goat.

And then there's this: OPI Muppets Kermit Me to Speak. It's a duochrome. Yes, a duochrome. Here, enjoy.

OPI Kermit Me to Speak OPI Muppets Spring 2014 Trio

Look for OPI Muppets Most Wanted ($10.95 each) in March at select salons and spas; for info.

Got a muppet favourite?

*Stefany, as per your request in the comments, I made this for you! I hope it helps.

OPI Kermit Me To Speak with Topcoats

*Edith, as per your request in the comments, I made this for you! I thought you'd like to see it over different stuff so you could get the full effect. Pretty, huh? You probably need both now, right?

opi int'l crime caper vs sing you like a bee

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (yes, she knows it's "boat") ©2014 BEAUTYGEEKS/