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Nicole by OPI Roughles: Das Stucco

Nicole Rougles

Oooh, a new Nicole by OPI nail polish. Oooh, it’s called Roughles. What? Yeah, it’s pronounced ruffles, like as on a skirt or blouse, or potato chips. Or rough + lz. The name isn't going to sell you but maybe the stuff in the bottle will.

nicole by opi roughles: textured polishes in pretty pastels

The bottles make it look really pretty, but I’m not convinced so you know I hafta swatch it all…

Nicole Roughles Rock the Look

Nicole Roughles Rock the Look

Nicole Roughles I'm Stucco on You

Nicole Roughles I’m Stucco on You

Nicole Roughles I'm Stucco on You with Topcoat

Nicole Roughles I’m Stucco on You with Nicole Quick Dry Topcoat  You’re wondering what it looks like if you topcoat it, right? Well, it looks kinda like when it does when you first put it on. Topcoat doesn’t bring out any sparkles because there aren’t any big sparkles to speak of. What topcoat does is flatten the texture and make it shiny. I prefer zero topcoat. In fact, I prefer zero topcoat with all textured polishes.

Nicole Roughles On What Grounds

Nicole Roughles On What Grounds? Weird name, no?

Nicole Roughles Sand in my Shoe

Nicole Roughles Sand in my Shoe  I think this one might be my favourite. Something about the contrasting orangey-red flecks with that pastel yellow makes me feel all kinds of cheery. So cheery that I decided this was the one for a wear test. How did it wear?

Roughles Sand in my Shoe 1 Day After

Nicole Roughles Sand in my Shoe after a full day of wear ’n work  Wow. It wore good. Like, really good. Normally (because my day job is tough on my hands and nails and one shift at work is more than likely equal to about 3 days of average wear) I’d see a good coupla millimeters of wear from the free edge down but not with this stuff. It only wore right at the free edge and down an almost invisible bit of the nail. Remarkable. I can even wear it for one more day!

When I look at these limited-edition Nicole by OPI Roughles polishes, I can’t help but think of Sweet Tarts and Bottle Caps. Something about the dots of complimentary colours in the shades conjures memories of youthful sugar highs. Roughles applies in two super-easy coats and given enough time to dry completely, sets up like concrete. It doesn’t chip but wears slightly at the tips and removal is pretty simple with your 100% pure acetone and a nice textured cotton pad.

What are your thoughts? Will Nicole Rougles go on your list of stuff to buy or will you leave it on the shelf?

Nicole by OPI Roughles Textured Nail Lacquers ($10.99 each) will be available March 2014 at select mass-market retailers and drug stores.

Manicures and photos by Karen Falcon (she doesn’t like it when Odus falls off the moon) ©2014BEAUTYGEEKS/